Among Us Beans: The Ultimate Currency for Customizing Your Cosmetics

September 18, 2023

The meaning of “beans” in Among Us is a mystery to many people, including you. This social deduction game has introduced a new in-game currency that's got everyone talking. From cosmetics to gameplay enhancements, beans are changing how we interact with this multiplayer sensation. Stick around as we unravel the mystery behind Among Us beans and how you can make the most of this new currency.

Among Us Beans: The Ultimate Currency for Customizing Your Cosmetics

Key Takeaways:

  • Beans act as the in-game currency in Among Us.
  • Earn Beans through gameplay and special events.
  • Spend Beans in the in-game shop for cosmetics and other items.

What Are Among Us Beans?

So you're playing Among Us, and you've noticed these little things called Beans. What are Among Us beans? They're more than just digital eye candy; they're a crucial part of the game's ecosystem. Beans serve as the in-game currency, and they're your ticket to a whole new level of customization and strategy in Among Us.

Origin and Development

Beans weren't always a part of Among Us. They were introduced in a significant update that brought a plethora of new features, including gameplay mechanics and cosmetics. Over time, they've become an integral part of the game, affecting everything from your appearance to your in-game purchasing power in Among Us.

The Currency System

Unlike other in-game currencies, Beans have a unique role. You earn them by playing matches and completing tasks. Once you've got enough, head over to the Among Us shop to exchange them for Cosmicubes, which contain various cosmetic items. But here's the kicker: you'll also need Pods, another form of currency, to unlock these items. It's a fascinating cycle that keeps you engaged in Among Us.


How to Earn and Spend Beans

Earning Beans

Beans are the lifeblood of Among Us, a game that's more than just a social deduction game. They're a form of in-game currency that you can earn in various ways. The most straightforward method is through gameplay. Every time you complete a match, you're rewarded with Beans and Pods in Among Us.


Spending Beans

So you've got a stash of Beans. Head over to the in-game shop. Here at the shop, you can exchange your Beans for Cosmicubes, which contain a variety of cosmetic items like hats, skins, and visors. The types of purchases you can make are vast, but remember, some items are time-limited in the shop, so act fast!


Beans and Game Mechanics

Beans aren't just for show; they have a significant impact on gameplay. For instance, certain tasks and roles in the game become easier or more challenging based on the cosmetics you've unlocked. It's not just about looking good; it's about strategizing effectively in Among Us.

Special Roles and Beans

Some roles in Among Us, like the Imposter, can benefit from specific cosmetics. For example, a unique hat might make you less noticeable, giving you an edge in your sabotage efforts in Among Us.

Beans and Real Money

While Beans can be earned through gameplay, there's also an option to buy Stars, a premium form of Beans, with real money. This offers a quicker, albeit more costly, way to acquire those coveted Cosmicubes in Among Us.

Can Beans Be Traded Between Players in Among Us?

It seems that beans cannot be traded between players in Among Us. Innersloth's newest update allows all players to obtain Beans just by playing a normal online game. If players head into the Among Us store, Beans can be traded for Cosmicubes. However, there is no mention of any feature that allows players to trade beans with each other.

In summary

In the ever-evolving universe of Among Us, Beans are more than just a currency; they're a gateway to a richer gameplay experience. Whether you're a Crewmate or an Imposter, knowing how to earn and spend Beans can give you a competitive edge.


How do you turn beans into stars Among Us?

You can't convert Beans to Stars in Among Us. Stars are a different form of in-game currency that you can only buy with actual cash.