How to Turn Off Quick Chat Settings in Among Us for PC and Mobile Platforms

September 18, 2023

The question - How to turn off quick chat in Among Us, especially when you're on PC or Android. We've all been there: you boot up the game, eager to dive into the action, but that pesky quick chat icon keeps getting in the way. It's like a rain cloud on a sunny day. But fret not, my friends! This article is your trusty gear in the machinery of Among Us settings. We'll guide you through the menu maze to switch off that quick chat and let your messages flow freely. 

How to Turn Off Quick Chat Settings in Among Us for PC and Mobile Platforms

Key Takeaways:

  • Access Settings and tap the Data tab to find Chat Type.
  • Switch from "Quick Chat Only" to your preferred chat mode.
  • Don't forget to save changes to apply your new settings.

Video Guide

Hey, visual learners, guess what? There's a video tutorial out there that'll guide you through the whole shebang. No more fumbling around, eh?


How to Change Chat Settings in Among Us

Launching the Game

So, you're itching to play Among Us, huh? Fire up that PCiPhone, or Switch and let's get this party started. Open the game.

Locating Chat Settings

Once you're in, you'll spot a gear icon—that's your golden ticket. Click it and you'll find yourself in the menu. Now, here's where the magic happens. You'll see a Data tab; give that a click. Next, you'll find the Chat Type option. You've got choices: Free or Quick Chat or just Quick Chat. Choose your poison.

How to Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us

Step 1: Go to Settings

So, you're in the Among Us lobby, and the quick chat is driving you bonkers? First off, hit that gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Whether you're on PCAndroid, or iOS, this is your gateway to customization.


Step 2: Choose Chat Type Option

Look for the one that says Chat Type. Click on it, and a dropdown will appear. You've got options here: Free ChatQuick Chat Only, and Quick Chat + Free Chat.


Quick Chat Limitations

Ever find yourself in a Among Us game where you're restricted to quick chat only? It's like trying to express a Shakespearean soliloquy through emojis. When you're under the age of 13 or haven't verified your account, quick chat becomes your only mode of communication.

Re-enabling Quick Chat

So, you've had your fill of silence and want to get back into the chatty chaos? Head over to the Settings menu, tap that Data tab, and look for the Chat Type option. Switch it from "Quick Chat Only" to "Quick Chat + Text,".You're back in the game, words and all.

What is the Difference between Quick Chat and Free Chat in Among Us?

Quick chat and free chat are two different chat modes in Among Us. Here are the main differences between them:

Quick Chat:

  • Allows players to select pre-written phrases quickly instead of typing them out every time.
  • Protects younger players by providing quick chat-only lobbies where the standard free chat is unavailable.
  • Is an easier, faster, and safer option to play if you're using text chat.
  • Can be enabled by selecting Quick Chat Only in the Chat Type settings.

Free Chat:

  • Allows players to type normally and say whatever they want
  • Can be enabled by selecting Free Chat in the Chat Type settings.
  • Is not available in quick chat-only lobbies.
  • Can be used along with quick chat if needed.

Extra Tips

A couple of quick nuggets for you—first, remember that changing these settings only affects your experience. Second, if you're on a PCiOS, or Android, the steps are pretty much the same.

To wrap things up

There you have it, folks—a quick and easy guide to mastering the chat settings in Among Us. Whether you're a chatterbox or prefer the strong, silent type, these tips have got you covered.


Why won't Among Us let me free chat?

To activate free chat, head to 'Find Game' and choose 'Free Chat' under Chat Type. If you're encountering issues, it might be because you entered a random birthdate when first launching the game. Among Us permits only those above 18 to utilize Free Chat.

Why is my Among Us set to quick chat only?

Being under the age of 13 restricts you to using only the quick chat feature for both sending and receiving messages in Among Us.