How To Get Pets In Among Us

July 21, 2023

In the popular game Among Us, players often wonder how to add more fun to their gaming experience. One delightful way is through the use of pets, adorable companions that follow your character around. This guide will help you navigate the process of acquiring these charming additions to your Among Us gameplay.

How To Get Pets In Among Us

How To Buy Pets In Among Us

Accessing The In-Game Shop

To purchase pets, you need to access the in-game shop. This can be done by clicking on the dollar icon located in the bottom right corner of your screen or via the cosmetic computer in the lobby.

Purchasing Pets

Pets in Among Us are not available for free. Each pet bundle costs $2.99 and includes two pets. The available pet bundles include the Bedcrab bundle, Brainslug bundle, Hamster bundle, Mini Crewmate bundle, and Stickmin bundle.

Platform Specificities

It’s important to note that Among Us does not support cross-save. This means that the pets you purchase will be locked to the platform (mobile or PC) on which you bought them. So, if you switch between playing on mobile and PC, you’ll need to purchase your pets on both platforms if you want them to be available wherever you play.


List Of Available Pets In Among Us

Bedcrab Pet Bundle

The Bedcrab pet bundle is a popular choice among players. It features a cute, crab-like creature that follows you around the spaceship.

Brainslug Pet Bundle

This bundle includes the Brainslug pet, a green, gooey alien that hovers around your character. It’s part of the Brainslug bundle, which also includes a flying saucer.

Hamster Pet Bundle

The Hamster pet bundle features a lovable hamster in a ball, rolling around behind you as you complete your tasks.

Mini Crewmate Bundle

The Mini Crewmate bundle includes a miniature version of a crewmate that follows you around. It’s like having a tiny buddy on your space adventures.

Stickman Bundle

The Stickman bundle features a simplistic, stick figure pet. It’s a fun, minimalist addition to your character.


How To Equip Pets In Among Us

  1. Access the Game Lobby: After purchasing your desired pet, you need to enter a game. This can be either a local or online game. Once you’re in the game lobby, you’ll see a laptop in the center of the room.
  2. Open the Customization Menu: Approach the laptop and click on it or press the ‘Customize’ button that appears at the bottom right of your screen. This will open the game’s customization menu.
  3. Select ‘Pet’ Tab: In the customization menu, you’ll see several tabs such as ‘Hat’, ‘Skin’, ‘Color’, and ‘Pet’. Click on the ‘Pet’ tab to view the pets you’ve purchased.
  4. Choose Your Pet: All the pets you’ve purchased will be displayed here. Simply click on the pet you want to equip. The pet will now follow your character around in the game.
  5. Confirm Your Selection: After selecting your pet, close the customization menu. Your pet should now be visible, following your character around the lobby.


Pets Behavior In Among Us

Pets Following Owners

Pets in Among Us faithfully follow their owners around the map. Whether you’re completing tasks or investigating suspicious activity, your pet will be right there with you.

Pets Reaction To Owner’s Death

When a player is killed, their pet exhibits a unique reaction. They will stay at the location of their owner’s death, appearing sad or confused. This reaction, while heartbreaking, adds a layer of emotional depth to the game.

Visibility Of Pets

Pets are visible to all players during the game. However, once a player is killed, their pet becomes invisible to living players but can still be seen by ghosts. This means that while pets add a fun element to the game, they do not provide any strategic advantage or disadvantage.



Pets in Among Us add a fun, personalized touch to the gaming experience. They’re purely cosmetic, but their presence can bring joy and a sense of companionship. If you’re considering purchasing a pet, remember they’re for enjoyment and do not impact gameplay.