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Experience the captivating world of Gacha with the immersive RPG game, Gacha World APK. Download now for Android and unlock a realm of anime-inspired adventures!

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Latest version 1.3.6
Category Role Playing
Compatibility Android 4.0+
Last Updated November 7, 2018
Download count 3.2 M+
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Everyone 10+
Price Free
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About Gacha World


Gacha World is a game that allows you to create your own anime-styled Gacha Summoner and collect over 90 characters through the gacha system. You can also customize your hero’s appearance and clothes, and engage in various game modes such as story, events, PvP league, boss raids, and tower climbing.

Developed by Lunime, this anime-styled game offers captivating gameplay, stunning graphics, and a vast collection of characters to summon. With its unique blend of gacha mechanics and turn-based battles, Gacha World APK guarantees hours of entertainment. Download the non-modded APK file now and embark on an epic adventure in the world of Gacha. Get ready to unleash your gaming prowess!

Overview of Gacha World APK

Gacha World is an anime-styled RPG game developed by Lunime, known for its captivating gameplay and stunning graphics. Released for Android and iOS devices, this game has gained a strong following among gamers due to its unique charm and engaging mechanics.

Immersive Anime Experience at Your Fingertips

With Gacha World APK, players are transported into a vibrant world filled with colorful characters and exciting adventures. The game offers an immersive experience that combines the allure of anime aesthetics with addictive RPG gameplay.

Captivating Gameplay Mechanics

In Gacha World, players have the opportunity to collect over 90 different characters through the Gacha system. This random drawing mechanism adds an element of excitement as each draw unveils a new character with its own set of abilities and attributes.

To progress in the game, players can embark on various quests, battle enemies, and participate in limited-time events to earn gems - the currency used for summoning characters from the Gacha. With each new character obtained, players can strategically build their ultimate team of heroes.

Collecting Characters with the Gacha System

One of the highlights of Gacha World APK is its enticing Gacha system that keeps players hooked on collecting rare and powerful characters. By using gems acquired through gameplay achievements or in-app purchases (IAPs), players can summon characters randomly from the vast pool available within this apk version.

Unleash Unique Abilities & Powers

Each character possesses distinct abilities that contribute to strategic battles against enemies encountered throughout your journey in Gacha World. From devastating attacks to supportive skills, these abilities create dynamic combat scenarios where careful team composition plays a crucial role.

Customization Options for Characters in Gacha World APK

Gacha World allows players to personalize their own character's appearance through various customization options provided within this apk version.

Express Your Style

With an extensive selection of clothing, accessories, hairstyles, and more, players can create a unique visual representation of their character. Not only does this customization option add a personal touch to the game experience, but it also allows for further stat enhancements and optimization.

Exploring Different Game Modes

Gacha World offers a diverse range of game modes that keep players engaged and entertained. Each mode provides unique challenges and rewards as players progress through the game.

Story Mode: Journey Across Realms to Stop Corruption Invasion

Embark on an epic adventure in Gacha World APK's Story Mode as you travel through different realms to combat the invading Corruption. Engage with captivating narratives and uncover the secrets behind this malevolent force that threatens the universe.

Events Mode: Limited-Time Excitement & Exclusive Rewards

In Events Mode within Gacha World, limited-time events present thrilling opportunities for players to obtain exclusive characters, items, and rewards not found elsewhere in the game. Stay tuned for these special events that add excitement to your gameplay experience.

PvP League Mode: Test Your Skills Against Other Players

For those seeking competitive challenges, PvP League mode allows you to pit your team against other players from around the world. Strategize your battles carefully as you climb up the ranks and prove yourself as one of the top contenders in intense ranked battles.

Boss Raids Mode: Join Forces Against Powerful Foes

Team up with fellow players in Boss Raids mode within Gacha World APK to take down formidable bosses together. Cooperation is key as you coordinate strategies with your teammates to overcome these mighty adversaries while reaping valuable rewards along the way.

Tower Mode: Scale New Heights Amidst Challenging Enemies

Test your skills against increasingly difficult enemies by climbing higher levels within Tower mode in Gacha World. As you ascend, you'll encounter tougher opponents and face greater challenges. Reach new heights to unlock exceptional rewards that will aid you on your journey.

RPG Battle System & Character Abilities in Gacha World APK

Gacha World features a strategic turn-based combat system that adds depth and excitement to battles. Understanding the elemental strengths and weaknesses of characters becomes crucial for victory.

Turn-Based Combat Mechanics

Engage in tactical battles where strategy plays a vital role within Gacha World's turn-based combat system. Take turns selecting actions for your characters, such as attacking, defending, using special abilities, or utilizing items strategically to gain an advantage over your enemies.

Elemental Strengths & Weaknesses

Mastering the elemental mechanics is essential in Gacha World as certain characters excel against specific elements while being vulnerable to others. Exploit these strengths and weaknesses to maximize your chances of success in battles throughout the game.

Leveling Up Characters and Progression

In Gacha World APK, character progression plays a vital role in enhancing their skills and abilities. As you battle enemies and complete quests, your characters gain valuable experience points (XP) that contribute to their growth.

Gaining Experience Points through Battles

Engage in thrilling battles against various enemies throughout the game to earn experience points for your characters. The more battles you win, the faster your characters will level up, unlocking new abilities and increasing their stats.

Stats Enhancement & New Abilities upon Leveling Up

With each level gained by your characters in Gacha World, they become stronger and acquire new powerful abilities. Leveling up allows them to reach new heights of strength as their stats improve significantly. Strategically plan how to distribute stat points earned from leveling up to optimize your team's performance.

Equipment & Upgrades for Enhanced Performance in Gacha World APK

Gacha World APK offers a wide array of equipment options that allow players to enhance the performance of their beloved characters.

Equipping Characters with Weapons, Armor & Accessories

Equip your characters with an assortment of weapons, armor sets, accessories, and more within this apk version of Gacha World. Each piece of equipment provides unique bonuses and boosts specific attributes or combat capabilities.

Acquiring Equipment from Gacha Summons, Chests, or Shop

Obtain equipment through various means such as gachas summons or acquiring them from chests during gameplay within this apk version. Leverage these opportunities wisely when expanding your inventory or looking for specific upgrades that complement the strengths of your team.

Immersive Gameplay and Player Experience in Gacha World APK

Gacha World offers a captivating gameplay experience that immerses players in its vibrant world of adventure, heroes, and strategic battles.

A Wide Array of Characters & Engaging Storylines

Within the realms of Gacha World, you will encounter a diverse cast of over 90 unique characters to collect and summon. Each character comes with their own compelling backstory and distinct personality, adding depth to the immersive gameplay experience.

Engrossing Story Mode

Embark on an epic journey through different realms within Gacha World APK's Story Mode. Dive into rich narratives as you unravel the mysteries behind the invading Corruption that threatens these universes. Immerse yourself in thrilling quests filled with twists, turns, and unexpected encounters.

Exciting Limited-Time Events

Gacha World keeps the excitement alive with limited-time events. These events offer exclusive characters, valuable items, and enticing rewards for a limited duration. Participate in these events to unlock rare treasures while enjoying fresh challenges that keep your gaming experience dynamic.

Competitive PvP League Battles

Test your skills against other players from around the world in PvP League mode within Gacha World APK. Showcase your strategic prowess by assembling powerful teams and engaging in ranked battles against formidable opponents. Climb up the leaderboards to earn recognition as one of the top contenders!

Collaborative Boss Raids

Team up with fellow players to face off against mighty bosses lurking within Boss Raids mode in Gacha World. Join forces strategically to overcome these challenging adversaries who require coordinated efforts for victory! Cooperate with teammates using synergistic abilities while reaping bountiful rewards together.

Tower Climbing Challenges

Ascend through increasingly difficult levels within Tower mode in Gacha World's tower climbing challenges. Challenge yourself as you navigate treacherous floors teeming with formidable enemies waiting at every step. Scale new heights to earn exclusive rewards that bolster your team's power and prepare you for greater adventures.

Download Gacha World APK for Free

In conclusion, Gacha World offers an immersive and captivating anime-styled RPG experience for gamers on their Android devices. Developed by Lunime, this game has gained popularity among players worldwide due to its engaging gameplay mechanics, stunning graphics, and diverse range of characters.

With the ability to collect over 90 unique characters through the thrilling gacha system, players can unleash their strategic prowess in turn-based battles against various enemies. The customization options available in Gacha World allow players to personalize their character's appearance while optimizing their stats.

The game features a variety of exciting game modes including Story Mode with intriguing narratives, limited-time Events offering exclusive rewards, competitive PvP League battles that test your skills against other players globally, cooperative Boss Raids requiring teamwork to defeat powerful foes, and challenging Tower Climbing challenges with enticing rewards.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore this enchanting world of Gacha! Take control of your destiny as you conquer realms, and assemble your dream team of heroes through epic summons from the gacha system within this apk version.

Download now and let the adventures unfold in Gacha World APK - an experience like no other!

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Gacha World FAQs

1. Is gacha appropriate for 12 year olds?

You can let your child play Gacha games if you use a parental control app for safety. Apps like Safes can help maintain a secure environment for your child.

2. Is Gacha Life safe for 7 year olds?

Gacha Life is generally safe for children. The main concern is the videos created with the game and the in-game weapons. Even some kids, like 13-year-old sleepii. stranger, have said it's a creative and educational game.

3. Can adults use Gacha Life?

Gacha Life is rated 9+ on the Apple App Store and Everyone on the Google Play Store. Be mindful of the chat feature and in-app purchases. Make sure to turn off in-app purchases to avoid extra costs.

4. Is Gacha Life anime yes or no?

Gacha is not considered anime. While it originates from Japan, the term 'gacha' is actually short for 'gachapon', which refers to a capsule toy from a vending machine.

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