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Join the ultimate online multiplayer shooting game and dominate the zoo as you battle against players worldwide. Download Zooba APK now for action-packed animal warfare!

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Information of Zooba

Latest version 4.35.1
Category Action
Compatibility Android 6.0+
Last Updated April 12, 2024
Download count 110.9 M+
Content rating
Everyone 10+
Price Free
Package name com.wildlife.games.battle.royale.free.zooba

About Zooba


Welcome to Zooba: Epic Brawl Battle Royale, the ultimate online multiplayer shooting game that offers hours of fun and intense gameplay. Engage in thrilling battles against other players in zoo settings, where you can choose from a variety of cute animals with special features and abilities. Unleash Zooba APK skills, collect weapons, and defeat enemies to progress in this action-packed adventure.

Zooba APK Gameplay

Engaging Zoo Animal Battles

Choose Zooba APK from a range of adorable animals with distinctive stats and abilities. Experience thrilling battles against other players as you navigate through zoo settings filled with excitement. Utilize your chosen animal's unique features to gain an advantage over opponents.

Simple Controls for Intense Action

Zooba APK offers a user-friendly control system designed for seamless movement during intense battles. Use the joystick on the left side of the screen to navigate while attacking buttons are conveniently located on the right side for quick actions.

Strategic Use of Setting Features

Make use of environmental elements such as bushes to hide yourself from enemy attacks strategically. Be mindful of the narrowing line of fire that limits the action zone and requires strategic positioning.

Exciting Game Modes

Solo Mode - Lite or Full Version

In this mode, dive into free-for-all competitions where you compete against other players aiming for high scores. Test your skills individually as you strive for dominance in intense battles within immersive environments.

Team Mode - Duo or Trio

Invite friends or family members to join forces with you in team-based battles. Collaborate closely as a duo or trio team to strategize effectively and outplay opponents together.

Big Team Squad Mode

Form a squad consisting of five skilled players ready for an intense battle experience like no other. Coordinate efforts efficiently and combine your strengths to overcome challenges as a cohesive unit.

Unique Characters and Customization Options Zooba APK

Diverse Avatars

Choose from a wide range of adorable animals, each possessing distinct stats and abilities. Discover the perfect avatar that aligns with your playstyle and embark on epic battles.

Personalize Your Character

Customize your avatar's appearance by selecting outfits and skins that resonate with your preferences. Stand out in the battlefield with unique cosmetic changes while adapting to different settings.

Challenging Progression System

Unlock New Abilities

As you level up your character, gain access to powerful new skills that will enhance your performance on the battlefield. Evolve strategically by unlocking these abilities to stay ahead of the competition.

Collect Weapons & Supplies

Collect various weapons scattered throughout each battle environment to amplify your firepower. Stand on supplies until they turn green to acquire essential items for survival in intense combat situations.

Seasonal Events and Rewards

Compete in Seasonal Events

Participate in exciting seasonal events that offer exclusive rewards. Join other players in action-packed challenges designed to test your skills and climb the ranks as you compete for recognition.

Earn Rewards

Be the last one standing in battles against opponents or complete specific objectives within Zooba's dynamic gameplay. Unlock new in-game items as rewards for triumphing over adversaries or achieving noteworthy milestones.

Vivid Graphics and Character Designs Zooba APK

Zooba APK captivates players with its vibrant cartoony graphics, bringing adorable animal characters to life within immersive environments. The game's cleverly designed characters set it apart from other battle royale games visually while maintaining an engaging gameplay experience.

Pros and Cons of Zooba: Fun Battle Royale Games


  • Engaging gameplay with unique zoo animal battles
  • Diverse game modes catering to different play preferences
  • Customization options for character personalization, allowing players to create their own identity within the game


  • Game mechanics tend to favor premium items, making it challenging for free-to-play players to progress at times.

As a rule

Zooba APK is an exhilarating multiplayer battle royale game for Android devices that guarantees endless hours of Zooba fun! The game's captivating main menu resembles popular titles like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. With its compact APK size, players can swiftly install it and jump right into the action. The storage view allows users to manage storage details efficiently, while the exciting gameplay keeps users engaged as the duration resets for thrilling encounters. Zooba APK is a must-try for battle royale enthusiasts seeking action-packed adventures.

What's updated in the Latest Version 4.35.1

Hey Zoobsters!

In this update we are adding some new skins for Rubie and Max, plus upcoming exciting content!

See you at the Zoo!

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Zooba FAQs

1. How do I download and install Zooba APK?

To download and install Zooba APK, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official app store on your Android device.
  • Search for "Zooba" in the search bar.
  • Click on the Zooba game icon and select "Install."
  • Once the installation is complete, you can launch Zooba from your app drawer.

2. Can I play Zooba: Epic Brawl Battle Royale with my friends?

Absolutely! Zooba offers various game modes, including team-based battles. You can invite your friends or family members to join you in Duo or Trio mode for an exciting cooperative experience.

3. Are there different characters to choose from in Zooba?

Yes, there is a diverse roster of adorable animals with unique abilities available in Zooba. Each character has its own strengths and playstyle, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your gameplay preferences.

4. How can I unlock new abilities in Zooba?

You can unlock new abilities by leveling up your character as you progress through battles. As you gain experience points, you'll be able to access powerful skills that will give you an edge over opponents.

5. Are there seasonal events in Zooba: Epic Brawl Battle Royale?

Yes! Participating in seasonal events within Zoobaland offers exciting challenges and exclusive rewards. Compete against other players while climbing up the ranks to earn special items that enhance your gaming experience.

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