What Gifts Does Abigail Like In Stardew Valley?

July 21, 2023

Master the art of gift-giving in Stardew Valley with our Abigail gift guide. Find out what Abigail loves to boost your friendship quickly.

What Gifts Does Abigail Like In Stardew Valley?

Abigail is a vibrant character in Stardew Valley, known for her love of the unknown and the adventurous spirit. Gifting, a significant aspect of the game, helps build relationships with the villagers. Understanding what gifts Abigail likes can enhance your interaction with her, making your Stardew Valley experience more rewarding.

Abigail’s Preferences

Understanding Abigail’s preferences is key to building a strong relationship with her in Stardew Valley. Her likes and dislikes are unique, reflecting her adventurous spirit and love for the unknown.

Loved Gifts

Abigail has a particular fondness for certain items, which, when gifted, significantly boost your friendship points with her. Here are some gifts that Abigail loves:

  1. Amethyst: This beautiful purple gemstone is one of Abigail’s most loved gifts. It can be found while mining.
  2. Chocolate Cake: A delicious treat that Abigail can’t resist. It can be cooked in the kitchen.
  3. Pumpkin: Abigail loves this fall crop, which can be grown on your farm.
  4. Spicy Eel: This food item can be obtained in the Skull Cavern or by cooking.
  5. Blackberry Cobbler: A sweet and fruity dessert that Abigail loves. It can be cooked in the kitchen.

Liked Gifts

In addition to her loved gifts, there are also items that Abigail likes. While these don’t boost your friendship points as much as her loved gifts, they are still a good choice when you want to improve your relationship with her. Some gifts that Abigail likes include:

  1. Quartz: A common mineral that can be found while mining.
  2. Fruits: Abigail likes all fruits, making them a safe gift choice.
  3. Flowers: With the exception of Poppy, Abigail likes all flowers.
  4. Foraged Minerals: Any minerals that you find while foraging are liked by Abigail.
  5. Eggs: Abigail likes all eggs except Void Eggs.
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Abigail’s Schedule

Knowing Abigail’s schedule can help you find the perfect time to give her gifts and interact with her. Her routine varies depending on the season, weather, and day of the week. Here’s a general overview of her schedule:

  • Spring: On sunny days, Abigail often spends her time in Pierre’s General Store. On Wednesdays and Fridays, she visits the graveyard. If it’s raining, she stays indoors, either at home or in the museum.
  • Summer: Abigail can be found at the ice cream stand near the museum on sunny days. On rainy days, she stays at home or visits the museum.
  • Fall: Abigail spends most of her time in the general store or near the river in the town. On rainy days, she stays indoors.
  • Winter: Abigail usually stays indoors during winter. She can be found at home, in the museum, or at the Wizard’s Tower.

The best time to give Abigail a gift is when she’s not in the middle of an activity. This ensures that she will accept your gift and it will have the maximum impact on your relationship with her.

Relationship With Abigail

Building a relationship with Abigail in Stardew Valley involves more than just giving her gifts. It’s about understanding her likes, dislikes, and daily routine. 

Your relationship level with Abigail is measured in hearts, with each heart representing a friendship level.

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Friendship Levels

Friendship levels range from zero to ten hearts. Giving Abigail her loved or liked gifts will increase your friendship points, leading to a higher friendship level. 

Each heart represents 250 friendship points, and you can earn up to 80 points per gift. Remember, giving her a gift on her birthday (Fall 13) will have an 8x effect!

Heart Events

Heart events are special cutscenes that provide more insight into Abigail’s character and your relationship with her. These events are triggered when you reach certain heart levels.


Four Heart Events

At four hearts, you can enter Pierre’s Shop when Abigail is there to trigger a cutscene. You’ll find Abigail playing her flute and can choose to compliment her playing.

Six Heart Events

At six hearts, visit the mines to trigger a cutscene where you’ll find Abigail in a bit of a pickle with some monsters. Help her out to strengthen your bond.


Eight Heart Events

At eight hearts, you’ll trigger a cutscene by visiting the mountain between 12pm and 7pm. Abigail will be having a picnic, and you can join her for some bonding time.

Ten Heart Events

At ten hearts, if you’ve given Abigail a bouquet to show your romantic interest, you can trigger a cutscene by visiting the desert. This event deepens your romantic relationship with Abigail.


Group Ten-Heart Event

The group ten-heart event is a special event that occurs when you reach ten hearts with all eligible bachelorettes. It’s a humorous event that doesn’t affect your relationship with Abigail or any other character. It’s triggered by entering town on a sunny day.

Marriage With Abigail

In Stardew Valley, Abigail is one of the villagers who are eligible for marriage. Once you’ve built up a strong relationship with her, reaching at least 8 hearts, you can express your romantic interest by giving her a bouquet. After reaching 10 hearts, you can propose to her using a Mermaid’s Pendant.

Proposal And Wedding

To propose to Abigail, you’ll need a Mermaid’s Pendant, which can be purchased from the Old Mariner on the beach for 5,000 gold, but only on rainy days after you’ve upgraded your house at least once. 

After the proposal, the wedding ceremony will take place three days later. Post-marriage, Abigail will move into your farmhouse and help with chores around the farm.


Quotes From Abigail

Abigail has some memorable quotes that give insight into her adventurous and free-spirited nature. Here are a few:

  1. “I seriously love this! You’re the best, [Player]!”
  2. “Hey, how’d you know I was hungry? This looks delicious!”
  3. “You might not believe it, but I do like to get outside now and then.”

Best Food For Abigail

Abigail has a sweet tooth and loves food items like Chocolate Cake and Pumpkin Soup. 

These items not only make great gifts but also play a significant role in building a strong relationship with her. 

Chocolate Cake can be cooked in your kitchen, while Pumpkin Soup can be obtained from The Queen of Sauce television program or cooked in your kitchen if you have the recipe.