What Is The Best Stand In Yba?

July 20, 2023

Discover the top-tier stands in YBA as of June 2023. Get insights on the best stands to enhance your gameplay in Your Bizarre Adventure.

What Is The Best Stand In Yba?

Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) is a popular Roblox game inspired by the manga series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. In YBA, players can acquire and use ‘Stands’, unique entities with special powers that aid in combat and exploration. 

The effectiveness of these Stands varies, leading to the question: What is the best stand in YBA? This section will provide a brief overview of the game and explain the concept of Stands.

YBA Tier List – All Stands and Paragons Ranked

Ranking Stand name
S The World Over Heaven, Chariot Requiem, Killer Queen Bites the Dust, Soft and Wet, Dirty Deeds Done, Cheap Love Train, Gold Experience Requiem, Made in Heaven, King Crimson Requiem, Tusk Act 4, Star Platinum the World
A Red Hot Chilli Pepper, D4C Love Train, Stone Free, The World, Tusk Act 3, C-Moon, Star Platinum, Six Pistols, King Crimson, Anubis, Aerosmith
B Whitesnake, Dirty Deeds Done Cheap, The Hand, Gold Experience, Beach Boy, Sticky Fingers, Crazy Diamond
C Hermit Purple, Cream, Silver Chariot, The Hand, Mr. President, Tusk Act 2, Magician’s Red, Scary Monsters, White Album
D Tusk Act 1, Purple Haze, Hierophant Green

The YBA Tier List is a ranking system that categorizes Stands and Paragons based on their power, speed, durability, and abilities. The tiers are divided into S, A, B, C, and D, with S being the highest and D being the lowest.


S-Tier Stands are the most powerful and versatile in the game. They excel in all aspects, making them the best choice for any situation. Examples include “Star Platinum”, “The World”, and “Tusk Act 4”.


A-Tier Stands are still very powerful, but they may lack the versatility of S-Tier Stands. Examples include “Crazy Diamond”, “King Crimson”, and “Gold Experience”.


B-Tier Stands are balanced, offering a good mix of power and utility. Examples include “Killer Queen”, “White Album”, and “Purple Haze”.


C-Tier Stands are somewhat lacking in power or utility, but they can still be effective in the right hands. Examples include “Echoes”, “Silver Chariot”, and “Hermit Purple”.


D-Tier Stands are the least powerful and versatile, but they can still be useful in certain situations. Examples include “Anubis”, “Emperor”, and “Aerosmith”.

Stand Comparison in YBA

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Love Train S D4C: Love Train Close Range, Evolved Misfortune Redirection (Damage Reflection) and Dimensional Travel
Tusk Act 4 S TA4 and/ or Golden Nail IV Long Range, Evolved Nails, Tea Time, Infinite Rotation, and Wormhole Uppercut
Killer Queen: Bites the Dust S Deadly King: Bites the Dust, KQ:BTD, and/ or DK:BTD Close Range, Long Distance, Evolved Bomb Planting and Time Reversal
The World Over Heaven S The Universe Over Heaven and/ or TWOH Close Range Dimension Control (Heaven Arena) and Reality Overwrite
Star Platinum: The World S SP:TW Close Range Time Stop
Gold Experience Requiem S Golden Spirit Requiem and/ or Golden Wind Requiem Close Range Life Distribution, Infinite Death, and Return to Zero
Soft and Wet S None Close Range Bubble Generation, Explosive Bubbles, and Plunder
Soft & Wet: Go Beyond S None Close Range Bubble Generation, Explosive Bubbles, and Plunder
King Crimson Requiem S Emperor Crimson Requiem Evolved Time Skipping/Erasure, Dimension Shifting, and Future Predictions
Soft & Wet: Go Beyond (Requiem/Evolved/Over Heaven Stands) S None Close Range, Evolved Bubble Generation, Explosive Bubbles, and Plunder
Soft and Wet (Rip Cage Stand) S None Close Range, Rib Cage Bubble Generation, Explosive Bubbles, and Plunder
Tusk Act 3 A TA3 and/ or Golden Nail III Long Range, Evolved Nails, Tea Time, and Golden Nail
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap A Criminal Tasks Done Cunningly (CTDC) and/or D4C Close Range, Rib Cage Dimension Travelling
The World Alternate Universe A TWAU Close Range, Rib Cage Time Stop, Projectiles, and Immense Physical Power and Speed
Scary Monsters A Horrorsaur Integrated, Rib Cage Dinosaur Transformation, Minion Summoning, and Close Range Attacks
Made in Heaven A The Way to Heaven and/ or Maiden Heaven Range Irrelevant, Fast-paced Stand, Evolved Time Acceleration and Universe Resetting
Chariot Requiem A SCR, CR, and/ or Chariot Requiem Long-Range, Evolved Damage Reflection, Sleep effect, and Self-Buffing
C-Moon A G-Moon and/ or Full Moon Medium-Distance Short-Ranged Gravity Shifting, Gravity Manipulation, Surface Inversion Fist, and Slight Time Stop movement
King Crimson A KC and/ or Emperor Crimson Close Range, Arrow Time Skipping/Erasure and Future Predictions
Crazy Diamond A CD and/ or Shining Sapphire Close Range, Arrow Restoration, Immense Strength, and High Speed
Stone Free A Stone Ocean Close Range, Arrow String Manipulation
Tusk Act 2 B TA2 and/ or Tusk Act 2 Long Range Nails, Golden Nail, Spin Slash, and Tea Time
Star Platinum B Platinum Sun and/ or The Star Close Range, Arrow
Time Stop, Brute Strength, and Extreme Precision
The World B The Universe Close Range, Arrow Time Stop, Extreme Speed, and Extreme Strength
Whitesnake B Palesnake Medium-Distance, Arrow Can generate “Discs” of other Stands and Memories, Acid Production, Melt Hearts by Creating Illusions
Purple Haze B PH, Violet Fog, and/ or Purple Smoke Close Range, Arrow
The Hand B None Close Range, Arrow Erasing objects from existence and erasing space
Cream B None Close Range, Arrow
White Album B Ice Album and/ or White Ice Close Range, Arrow Damage Reduction and Cryokinesis
Killer Queen B KQ and/ or Deadly Queen Close Range, Arrow Bomb planting, Sheer Heart Attack, Strong Block and Power
Tusk Act 1 C TA1 and/ or Golden Nail I Long + Close Range, Evolved, Integrated, Sentient, Rib Cage Spin, Gliding, and Rotating Nail Shots
Sticky Fingers C Zipper Man, Zipper Fingers, and/ or SF Close Range, Arrow
Magician’s Red C The Magician, MR, and/ or KFC Close Range, Arrow Pyrokinesis and Fire Manipulation
Silver Chariot C The Chariot and/ or SC Close Range, Arrow Fencing, increasing speed, Armor On/Off, Immense Power, and Precision
Red Hot Chilli Pepper C RHCP and/ or Yellow Hot Chili Pepper Long Range, Arrow Electric manipulation
Hierophant Green C Tentacle Green and/ or HG Long-distance, Arrow
Aerosmith C Li’l Bomber and/ or Airsmith Long Range, Arrow
*** Pistols C Six Bullets, Six Pistols, and/ or 6P Long Range, Colony, Arrow
Beach Boy D None Long + Close Range, Arrow Hook Manipulation, Pulling, and Snatching
Mr. President D M.P Integrated, Arrow Kidnapping
Hermit Purple D HP and/ or Violet Vine Close Range, Arrow Spirit Photography, Hamon Transmission, and Grappling
Anubis D None Automatic, Shared, Sentient, Arrow Mind Control, Selective Intangibility, Skill Development, Swordsmanship

Comparing Stands in YBA involves looking at their abilities, stats, and overall effectiveness in different situations.

Star Platinum vs The World

Both “Star Platinum” and “The World” are S-Tier Stands known for their time-stop ability. However, “Star Platinum” has a slight edge in speed and precision, while “The World” has a longer time-stop duration.

Crazy Diamond vs King Crimson

“Crazy Diamond” and “King Crimson” are both A-Tier Stands. “Crazy Diamond” has the ability to repair objects and heal, making it great for support. On the other hand, “King Crimson” can erase time, allowing it to avoid damage and reposition itself, making it a formidable opponent in combat.

Killer Queen vs White Album

“Killer Queen” and “White Album” are B-Tier Stands. “Killer Queen” can create bombs, making it great for area control and damage. “White Album”, however, excels in defense with its ice armor, and can also deal significant damage with its “Gently Weeps” ability.

How to Obtain More YBA Stands

In YBA, stands are obtained by using items known as Stand Arrows. These arrows are scattered throughout the game world and can be found in various locations. 

When a player uses a Stand Arrow, they have a chance to awaken a Stand. The type of Stand you get is random, but the rarity of the Stand is influenced by the worthiness level of the player.

Stand Arrows and Worthiness

Stand Arrows are the primary method of obtaining Stands in YBA. The Stand that a player gets from an arrow is random, but the rarity of the Stand is influenced by the player’s worthiness level. 

Worthiness can be increased by completing quests or using certain items. A higher worthiness level increases the chances of getting a rare Stand.


Stand Storage

Players can store up to 10 Stands in their Stand Storage. This allows players to switch between different Stands without losing them. 

However, if a player’s Stand Storage is full and they use a Stand Arrow, their current Stand will be replaced.

YBA Reroll Guide

Rerolling is a common strategy in YBA where players repeatedly use Stand Arrows in an attempt to get a specific Stand. 

This process can be time-consuming and requires a lot of Stand Arrows, but it can be worth it if you’re aiming for a specific Stand.

How to Reroll

To reroll, players need to first ensure their Stand Storage is not full. Then, they simply use a Stand Arrow. 

If they don’t get the Stand they want, they can reset their character, which will also reset their Stand, and try again.

Benefits of Rerolling

Rerolling allows players to try for rare or powerful Stands that they might not get otherwise. It also allows players to experiment with different Stands and find one that suits their playstyle. 

However, it’s important to note that rerolling can be a gamble, as there’s no guarantee you’ll get the Stand you want.

YBA Trading Tier List

Tier Stands
SS (18-22.5 Points) Mirage of Phantoms – (23)Horseman of Heaven – (19.5)Devil’s Moon – (18)
S (15-18 Points) Light Bringer/The Waifu Over Heaven – (17.5)Ghostface/Festive Platinum/Grim Reaper – (17)Retro The World Over Heaven/Spirit Bomb Sword/FrostBite – (16.5)Ghost World – (16)Bloodthirster/Crazy Overseer – (15.5)Jack-o-Platinum/Festive World/The Waifu/Tomb Crypt Tusk – (15)
A (13-15 Points) Tyrant Crimson/King Peppermint/Tusk Dark Determination – (14)Pumpkin Patch/Cornsnake – (13.5)Sumo Platinum/Sumo World/Mr Jukes Angels – (13)
B (10-13 Points) Vexus Crimson/Jester Crimson/One Above All – (12)Cursed Aero Platinum/Vela Nova – (11.5)Digital Star Platinum/Star Waifu: The World/Crimson Mist/Lord Boros/Sukuna – (11)Undead Flare/Charged Creeper Queen/Dead Experience/Tākoizu Dragon/Heaven ACT 4 – (10.5)Deimos Crimson/Comic Venom Spider-Man – (10)
C (8-10 Points) TWAU Over Heaven – (9.75)Luffy Gear 4/Undead Hand – (9.5)Elucidator & Dark Repulser/Blade of The Exile/Neon Ascension Diamond/Golden Frieza/Shadow Killer Queen/MCU Spider-Man/Venom/Deimos Snake – (9)Shadow The World/The World’s Greatest High/The Waifu v2/Biblically Accurate Experience/King of The End – (8.5)Asuna/Kanshou & Bakuya/Kikoku/Crazy Idol/Elizabeth Liones/Sakara/Misaka Mikoto/Megumin/Volcanic Spirit Requiem/Hexed Spirit Requiem – (8)
D (5-8 Points) Star Platinum: Stone Ocean – (7.5)Train To Hell – (7.25)Elf Pistol/Stone Platinum – (7)D4She/The Waifu Alternate Universe – (6.75)OVA Platinum/Baseball Platinum/Star Waifu/Nocturne/OVA The World – (6.5)Magician’s Red Over Heaven/Sasageyo/Jade Peace/Tsunate/Deimos Queen/Creeper Queen/Ghost Chariot Requiem – (6)Manga Crimson/Scarlet Queen/Rock Unleashed/All-Starsnake/Mintsnake – (5.5)Gold Platinum/Action Figure Platinum/Charmy Green/Anti Umbral/Uber Spy/The World 2/Headhunter/Whisper/Aerosmith Over Heaven – (5)
E (3-5 Points) Neo WORLD – (4.75)Eldritch Green/Linked Sword/Shining Ruby/Chromo Hando/Female Hando/Actually Red Hot Chili Pepper/Killer Reveal/Magellan – (4.5)Sorcerer’s Red/Vinegar Crimson/Heaven Spirit/Glock – 18 | Fade/Casull – (4)OVA Silver Chariot/Holly’s Sickness – (3.5)Devil4C/Cracked WORLD/The World: Ultimate – (3.25)Vanilla Ice Cream/Tentacle Purple/Tentacle Yellow/Tentacle Black/The Other Hand/Virus Vessel – (3)Star Striped Eagle – (2.5)Nerf Jolt/OVA Emperor/Mr. Joestar/Frozone – (2)
F (0-2 Points) Ms. Aerosmith – (1.5)Toy Sticky Fingers/Pinky Fingers/Glock-18/Emperor/Old President/Nonosama Bo (0.5)All Non-Shiny Stands (0)

Trading in YBA is a significant aspect of the game that allows players to exchange Stands with each other. This system provides an alternative way to acquire specific Stands without relying on the randomness of Stand Arrows.

Trading System Overview

The trading system in YBA is straightforward. Players can initiate a trade with another player by clicking on them and selecting the ‘Trade’ option. Both players can then offer one Stand from their Stand Storage. Once both players agree to the trade, the Stands are swapped.

Stand Value in Trading

The value of a Stand in the trading market is primarily determined by its tier and rarity. Higher tier Stands, especially those in the S and A tiers, are generally more valuable. 

However, the value can also be influenced by the demand for a specific Stand in the community.

Changes Due to Patch Updates

Patch updates in YBA can significantly affect the game, including the Stand tier list. 

These updates often include balance changes, new features, and bug fixes, which can alter the effectiveness of certain Stands.


Impact on Tier List

When a patch update includes balance changes, it can shift the power dynamics of the Stands, leading to changes in the tier list. 

A Stand that was previously considered top-tier could be moved down if it’s nerfed, or a lower-tier Stand could rise if it’s buffed.

Recent Changes and Additions

Recent updates in YBA have introduced new Stands and abilities, as well as balance changes to existing Stands. 

For example, the “King Crimson” Stand received a significant buff in a recent update, increasing its power and making it a more viable choice in combat. It’s important for players to stay updated with these changes to make informed decisions about their Stands.

YBA Skin

In YBA, skins are cosmetic changes that players can apply to their Stands. These skins do not affect the Stand’s abilities or power but provide a unique visual flair, allowing players to customize their Stands’ appearance.


Overview of Stand Skins

There are numerous skins available for each Stand in YBA, ranging from simple color changes to more elaborate designs. 

Some popular skins include the “Shiny” skin, which gives the Stand a metallic sheen, and the “Retro” skin, which gives the Stand a vintage, pixelated look. 

Each Stand has its own set of available skins, adding to the variety and uniqueness of each Stand.

Acquiring Stand Skins

Stand skins can be acquired in a few different ways. Some skins are obtained by using a Stand Arrow on a Stand that already has a skin. 

Other skins can be purchased from the in-game shop using Robux, the game’s premium currency. Additionally, certain skins are only available through special events or promotions. 

It’s important to note that skins are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay, so players can choose to use them based on their personal preference.