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Experience the adrenaline-fueled drift racing action with Project Drift 2.0 APK! Customize your JDM cars, conquer challenging tracks, and unleash high-speed excitement on Android.

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Latest version 110
Category Racing
Compatibility Android 6.0+
Last Updated April 11, 2024
Download count 8.5 M+
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Everyone 10+
Price Free
Package name com.bycodec.project_drift



Are you ready to experience the adrenaline-pumping world of drift racing on your Android device? Look no further than Project Drift 2.0 APK! This cutting-edge racing game apk combines stunning 3D graphics, immersive gameplay, and customizable vehicles to deliver an unparalleled speed-filled adventure. Get behind the wheel, press that drift button, and conquer challenging tracks like a pro. Get ready for the ultimate drifting experience!

The Thrilling World of Project Drift 2.0 Apk

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary gaming experience as you enter the vibrant and refreshing world of Project Drift 2.0! This apk game offers much more than your average racing game apk—it combines stunning visuals, immersive gameplay mechanics, and customizable JDM cars to create an electrifying atmosphere that will keep you hooked for hours.

Competitive Drift Mobile Racing Game

Custom JDM Cars: Personalized Performance at Your Fingertips

In Project Drift 2.0 APK, customization is key! Unlock a wide range of custom JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) racing cars and tailor them to suit your unique style.

  • Choose from over thirty meticulously designed drift cars with unlimited vehicle designs.
  • Customize every aspect of your car's appearance—replace bumpers, lights, hoods, mirrors, and wheels—and apply vibrant car paint colors or decals.
  • Use the innovative photo studio feature to visualize changes made to your vehicle's appearance before finalizing them.

Unique Drift Maps: Conquer Challenging Terrains

Get ready to showcase your skills on various drift maps specifically designed to test your drifting prowess.

  • Race through thrilling tracks with challenging turns that demand precision control and perfect cornering techniques.
  • Experience heart-pounding moments as you navigate tunnels, adding an extra layer of excitement to your races.
  • Show off your drifting abilities in parking lots built for executing flawless drift maneuvers.
  • Tandem runway areas provide the perfect platform to demonstrate synchronized drifts side-by-side with other skilled racers.

Customizable Controls: Tailored for Maximum Control

Project Drift 2.0 APK allows you to customize controls based on your preferences, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience tailored just for you. Take full control of your car and master every drift with intuitive controls customized according to your preferred style of play.

Multiplayer Mod: Race Against Real Players

Immersive Online Rooms: Compete with Friends and Rivals

Engage in thrilling multiplayer races by joining online rooms filled with real players from around the world.

  • Choose a room that matches your skill level and racing style, where you can challenge friends or compete against skilled opponents.
  • Showcase your drifting skills while earning points and rewards in intense online battles.
  • Stand out from the crowd by personalizing your car's appearance with different parts, colors, and decals.

Fine-Tuning Performance: Car Tuning for Victory

Engine & Gearbox Upgrades: Unleash Power on the Track

Upgrade various aspects related to engine power and gearbox performance for enhanced speed and acceleration during races:

  • Boost engine power through upgrades that unlock additional horsepower potential.
  • Enhance gearbox functionality for smoother gear transitions, enabling rapid acceleration when needed most.

Turbo & Brake Improvements: Precision Control at High Speeds

Install turbochargers and upgrade braking systems to gain an edge in high-speed drift battles:

  • Turbo upgrades provide increased acceleration, allowing you to leave opponents trailing behind.
  • Enhanced brakes offer improved control during intense drift maneuvers—essential for maintaining precision at high speeds.

Suspension & Wheel Angle Adjustments: Master Drift Techniques

Fine-tune suspension settings and wheel angles to optimize drifting capabilities on various terrains:

  • Adjust suspension parameters for better stability and control during high-speed drifts.
  • Customize wheel angles according to your preferred drifting style, maximizing maneuverability in all driving conditions.

Exciting Physics Modes: Unleash Your Drift Skills

Project Drift 2.0 APK offers a range of physics modes that cater to different gameplay preferences:

Racing & Arcade Modes: Fast-Paced Fun

Engage in thrilling races against AI opponents or friends through racing modes or enjoy arcade-style challenges that push your skills to the limit.

Drift, Pro Arcade & Pro Drift Modes: Perfect Your Technique

Immerse yourself in intense drift battles with advanced physics and controls designed specifically for delivering an authentic drifting experience.

Diverse Game Modes with Hilarious Rules

Project Drift 2.0 features diverse modes that introduce unique rules and structures, adding excitement and variety to the gameplay experience:

  • Engage in challenging races where items disrupt opponents' progress or create chaos on the track.
  • Adapt your strategy as you navigate unpredictable situations introduced by hilarious game rules.

Exotic Cars Collection: Unleash Your Inner Racer

Discover a vast collection of exotic cars within Project Drift 2.0 APK, each offering its own distinctive characteristics suited for thrilling race experiences:

  • Unlock a wide range of exotic cars inspired by real-world models such as Nissan Silvia, Toyota Supra, Subaru Legacy, Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8, Mazda RX-7, Honda NSX-R—and many more in the game.
  • Choose your dream car carefully—each vehicle comes with unique performance attributes optimized for dominating racetracks.

Participate in Thrilling Events for Exciting Rewards

Project Drift 2.0 presents thrilling events that offer exclusive rewards based on your performance:

  • Showcase your skills by participating in exciting events within the racing games apk.
  • Compete against other players to earn high rankings and secure valuable rewards for your efforts.

Meticulously Designed Tracks: Conquer Every Challenge

Project Drift 2.0 APK features meticulously designed tracks that provide an immersive racing experience filled with creative obstacles in the game:

  • Immerse yourself in a variety of tracks, each carefully crafted to challenge your driving skills while delivering an exhilarating gameplay experience.
  • Strategically placed obstacles throughout the tracks require precise maneuvering to overcome successfully, adding an extra layer of excitement to every race.


Get ready for heart-pounding drift racing action like never before with Project Drift 2.0 APK. With its stunning visuals, customizable JDM cars, competitive multiplayer mode, unique drift maps, customizable controls, thrilling physics modes, hilarious game rules, a vast collection of exotic cars, exciting events with enticing rewards, and meticulously designed tracks packed with creative obstacles—this game offers endless hours of high-speed entertainment! Download Project Drift 2.0 now and satisfy your need for speed!

What's updated in the Latest Version 110

Cam fixed.

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1. Is Project Drift 2.0 playable offline?

 Yes, Project Drift 2.0 offers both offline and online game modes. Whether you prefer solo play or competing against real players, the gameplay remains exciting and accessible for all skill levels.

2. Can drifting be done in Project Cars?

Absolutely! In Project CARS 2, you can experience the thrill of drifting as part of the diverse gameplay options available. Master your drifting skills and explore a range of settings to enhance your drift performance.

3. Is online multiplayer still active in Project Cars 2?

While Project CARS will no longer be available for purchase after October 3rd, and Project CARS 2 after September 21st, both games will continue to have fully playable online multiplayer servers. Enjoy racing against other players even after these dates.

4. Does drifting cause damage to my car?

 Drifting can have an impact on your tires due to the intense friction involved. It is important to note that excessive drifting can lead to accelerated tire wear and reduced lifespan. If you plan on pursuing this hobby regularly, consider finding affordable tire options from reliable suppliers like RNR Tire Express.

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