Pokemon Go Gyarados Best Moveset: The Dragon's Fury from Magikarp to Mega Evolution

By Alan Sahbegovic | September 14, 2023

Hey Pokémon trainers, ever wondered how to make your Gyarados in Pokémon Go an absolute beast? We all know Gyarados, that fearsome Water-type Dragon, evolves from the not-so-impressive Magikarp. But what moves should you pick to dominate in both PvP and PvE scenarios? Don't fret; we've got the ultimate guide to the best Gyarados moveset, ensuring you'll make waves in battles. Stay tuned!

Pokemon Go Gyarados Best Moveset: The Dragon's Fury from Magikarp to Mega Evolution

Key Takeaways:

  • Fast Attacks: Waterfall for PvE, Dragon Breath for PvP.
  • Charged Attacks: Hydro Pump reigns, Crunch and Aqua Tail as versatile options.
  • Mega Evolution: New type and stats.
  • Strategies: Tailor your moves for PvP and PvE scenarios.

Pokemon Go Gyarados Best Moveset

If Gyarados's best moveset is what you have wondered. Here are two best moveset for you:

Fast Attacks: A Closer Look

Waterfall reigns supreme among fast moves for Gyarados. With its wide coverage and Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB), it's a no-brainer for most trainers. In the realm of PvE, Waterfall's damage output often surpasses other options, making it a top-tier choice for Gyarados.

Dragon Breath, although lacking STAB, offers a unique advantage. It's particularly effective in super-effective matchups, especially when paired with Dragon-type charged moves. This move can be a game-changer in PvP, thanks to its decent Damage Per Turn (DPT) and Energy Per Turn (EPT).

Charged Attacks: Unleashing Power

Hydro Pump stands out as the most potent charged move for Gyarados. It often equals or even surpasses other charged moves in power, regardless of super-effective matchups or weather bonuses. For those looking to maximize damage, Hydro Pump is your go-to option.

Crunch serves as a versatile choice, especially effective against Psychic and Dark-type opponents. It's a multi-bar charge move, which means you can use it more frequently than Hydro Pump. If you're looking for a move that offers both good damage and utility, Crunch fits the bill.

Aqua Tail, although less powerful than Hydro Pump, has its own merits. It's a quick move that can be used frequently, making it ideal for shield baiting in PvP. Additionally, it helps in mitigating Gyarados's energy loss, making it a solid choice for those who prefer a more balanced approach.


Gyarados' Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to base stats, Gyarados boasts an impressive Attack stat of 237, making it a formidable force in battles. Its Defense and Stamina stats, clocking in at 186 and 216 respectively, aren't too shabby either.

Switching gears to type advantages, Gyarados, a Water/Flying Pokémon, gains the upper hand against Fire, Ground, and Fighting types. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows; Electric and Rock types can give Gyarados a run for its money.

Double Resistances and Weaknesses

Interestingly, Gyarados exhibits a double resistance to Ground-type moves, thanks to its Flying sub-typing. On the flip side, its Achilles' heel lies in its vulnerability to Electric-type moves, taking a whopping 256% damage from them.

Mega Evolution: A New Dimension

Enter Mega Gyarados, a transformation that not only amps up its stats but also alters its typing to Water/Dark. This change bestows upon it a new set of strengths and weaknesses, making it a versatile choice in battles.

Mega Gyarados: Resistances and Weaknesses

In its Mega form, Gyarados gains additional resistance to Ghost and Dark types. However, it also becomes susceptible to Fighting and Bug types, so tread carefully.


Obtaining Gyarados: The Journey

So you're keen on snagging yourself a Gyarados, eh? Well, first things first, you'll need to get your hands on a Magikarp. This floppy fish might not seem like much, but with a bit of patience and 400 Magikarp candies, it'll transform into the fearsome Gyarados. Trust me, it's worth every candy.

Where to Find Magikarp

For those on the hunt, Magikarp frequent bodies of water—think rivers, lakes, and oceans. So, grab your fishing rod and head to the nearest water source.


Tips and Tricks for Using Gyarados

Alright, you've got your Gyarados. Now what? Well, it's all about the moves, my friends. For PvP, you'll want to go with Dragon Breath for your fast attack. It's quick and it'll chip away at your opponent's health. For PvEWaterfall is your go-to. It's a water-type move that packs a punch.

When it comes to charged attacks, Hydro Pump reigns supreme. It's a high-energy move that'll decimate most opponents. But don't underestimate Crunch; it's a versatile move that can lower an enemy's defense. And if you're in a pinch, Aqua Tail is a quick and effective move that can turn the tide of battle.

In summary

So there you have it, folks! From Magikarp to Mega Gyarados, we've covered the ins and outs of this beast. Now, go unleash your optimized Gyarados in Pokemon Go and make some waves!


What is the best Moveset for Gyarados in Pokemon Go aqua tail?

In trainer battles, Aqua Tail becomes almost indispensable. However, for raid bosses and gym fights, Waterfall and Hydro Pump reign supreme. For Mega Gyarados, Bite and Crunch serve well, given its Dark type.

Is Gyarados a good Pokemon to use?

Absolutely, Gyarados excels as a sweeper, particularly due to its Dragon Dance ability. Its Water/Flying type combo, along with bulk and the Intimidate trait, provides ample setup opportunities. Moreover, its robust coverage and power enable it to break through defensive barriers.

Is Outrage a good move for Gyarados?

According to info on Gyarados, its top offensive moves include Dragon Tail and Outrage, followed by Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump. For defense, Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump lead, with Dragon Tail and Outrage as secondary options.

Is Hydro Pump better than Aqua Tail?

The answer hinges on the battle's duration. Aqua Tail proves superior if the fight concludes before Hydro Pump's activation. In protracted skirmishes, especially water against water, Hydro Pump outshines Aqua Tail if used multiple times.