How to Turn Off AR Mode in Pokemon Go: Guide for Better Gameplay & Battery Life

By Alan Sahbegovic | September 13, 2023

Hey Pokémon Trainers, ever found yourself in a Pokémon Go encounter, dazzled by Augmented Reality (AR) but frustrated by how it drains your phone's battery life? You're not alone! AR mode, a nifty feature that uses your camera to blend the Pokémon world with your real surroundings, can be both a blessing and a curse. But fret not, we've got the ultimate guide on how to switch off AR mode in Pokémon Go and save that precious battery!

How to Turn Off AR Mode in Pokemon Go: Guide for Better Gameplay & Battery Life

Key Takeaways:

  • Reasons for Disabling: Battery life and gameplay convenience.
  • Turning Off Steps: Via Capture Screen and Game Settings.
  • Re-Enabling AR: Through Capture Screen and Game Settings.
  • Troubleshooting: Solutions for common AR hiccups.

How to Turn Off AR Mode in Pokémon Go

Ever find yourself in a situation where that pesky AR mode just isn't doing it for you? Maybe you're in public and don't want to look like you're capturing invisible creatures, or perhaps your phone's battery is screaming for mercy. If you want to turn off AR mode in Pokémon Go, it is a piece of cake.

You've got two main avenues for disabling AR mode on your Android device. Each has its own merits, so pick the one that suits your gameplay style.

Via Capture Screen

During a Pokémon encounter, you'll see an AR toggle in the top right corner of your screen. Tap it. Boom! AR mode is off. This method is quick and perfect for on-the-fly changes.

Via Game Settings

For a more permanent solution, head to the settings menu in the app. Uncheck the AR+ option, and you're golden. This way, you won't have to toggle AR mode off every time you're in an encounter.

Reasons for Disabling AR Mode

You must have wondered why some folks decide to ditch the AR mode in Pokémon Go. Let's get into it. AR mode, or Augmented Reality mode, can be a real spectacle, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Some players find it cumbersome, especially when they're out and about.

Battery Life Considerations

First off, let's talk juice. AR mode can suck your battery life faster than a Jolteon's Thunderbolt! If you're planning a long Pokémon hunt, you might want to save that precious battery.

Gameplay and Convenience

Next up, gameplay. With AR mode off, capturing those elusive Pokémon becomes a breeze. No need to aim your phone's camera at the perfect angle; just tap and swipe!


How to Re-Enable AR Mode

Changed your mind and miss the immersive experience? No worries, you can easily switch AR back on. 

Through Capture Screen

During a Pokémon encounter, look for the AR toggle on the screen. A quick tap, and you're back in AR land!

Through Game Settings

Head over to the game settings. Find the AR option and give it a tick. AR mode is back on!


Troubleshooting and Common Issues

Encountering glitches? You're not alone. Sometimes the AR mode can act up. We'll go through some quick fixes to get you back on track.

Additional Insights

Lastly, a pro tip: AR mode can be a fun way to snap pics of Pokémon in the real world. But remember, it's all about how you want to play the game.

In closing

So, Trainers, that's the lowdown on managing AR mode in Pokémon Go. Whether you're saving battery or aiming for that perfect shot, the choice is yours. Keep these tips in your back pocket and game on!


Why is my Pokémon GO stuck on a white Niantic screen?

If you find yourself stuck on a white screen, keep tapping various spots on the display. The app hasn't crashed, so tapping on a PokéStop, gym, or another Pokémon will refresh the app and remove the white screen, showing you what comes next based on what you tapped.

How do you change AR mode in Pokémon?

Initially, when you encounter a Pokémon and your device supports AR+ mode, a prompt will ask if you want to activate it. If you've ignored this prompt, you can still turn on AR+ mode via the Settings menu. To revert to standard AR, go to settings and deselect the AR+ option.

Why is my Pokemon Go stuck in AR mode?

To fix this, restart the app and go to Settings to disable AR+ mode. If that doesn't solve the issue, log out and log back into Pokémon Go. Make sure to check that AR+ mode remains off in the settings.