How to Get Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon Go: Ultimate Guide to Evolution, PvP, and Team Rocket!

By Alan Sahbegovic | September 14, 2023

Ever found yourself stuck with a Gen 4 Pokémon that's just itching for an evolution? We're diving deep into the world of Pokémon Go today, specifically focusing on the elusive Sinnoh Stone. This mystery item is your golden ticket to unlocking some of the most powerful evolutions in the game. Whether you're a PvP champ or a Team Rocket nemesis, we've got the ultimate guide to help you snag that Sinnoh Stone and level up your game!

How to Get Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon Go: Ultimate Guide to Evolution, PvP, and Team Rocket!

Key Takeaways:

  • Opt for top-tier Pokémon for maximum battle efficiency.
  • Strategize your evolutions based on your goals.
  • Stock up on candy; you'll need it for those evolutions.

How to Get Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon Go

You're here because you're on a quest for that elusive Sinnoh Stone, right? Wondered how to get Sinnoh stone in Pokemon Go? Well, you're in luck! There are multiple avenues to score this coveted item, and we're gonna break 'em down for ya. Whether you're a PvP aficionado or a Team Go Rocket buster, we've got you covered!

Research Breakthroughs

First up, Research Breakthroughs. These are your bread and butter for snagging Sinnoh Stones. Complete seven Field Research Tasks, and you'll unlock a Research Breakthrough. Now, here's the kicker: the rewards to obtain are randomized. So, while you might get a Sinnoh Stone, there's also a chance you'll walk away with something else. But hey, it's a solid method, especially if you're already knocking out those tasks for other rewards.

Player vs. Player Battles

Next, let's talk PvP Battles. The Go Battle League is where you'll want to strut your stuff. As you climb the ranks, you'll earn all sorts of goodies like Stardust, Rare Candy, and yes, Evolution Items. If the stars align, a Sinnoh Stone might just pop up in your reward pool. The best part? No daily limits on how many battles you can engage in. So go wild!

Confronting Team Go Rocket

Ah, Team Go Rocket, the baddies we all love to hate. Defeating their leaders—Sierra, Arlo, Cliff, and the big boss Giovanni—can net you some sweet loot, including the Sinnoh Stone. You'll need to collect Mysterious Components from grunts to summon these leaders, but the effort is often worth the reward.


Special Events

Keep an eye out for Special Events. Niantic loves to throw these curveballs, and they often feature Sinnoh Stones as rewards. Whether it's a Community Day or some other limited-time event, these are golden opportunities you won't want to miss.

Level Requirements

Last but not least, Level Requirements. If you're below level 10, you're outta luck. Sinnoh Stones start dropping once you hit this milestone, so if you're a newbie, you've got some grinding to do.

Pokémon Evolution with Sinnoh Stones

Hey, Trainers! So you've snagged yourself a Sinnoh Stone, huh? These bad boys are your ticket to some of the coolest evolutions in Pokémon Go. We're talking about turning your Sneasel into a Weavile or your Electabuzz into an Electivire. Rad, right?

Optimal Choices for Evolution

Alright, let's get down to business. You don't want to waste your hard-earned Sinnoh Stone on just any Pokémon. For the big leagues in PvP or taking down Team Go Rocket, you'll want to focus on these top picks:

  • Weavile: Sneasel's evolution is a beast in both attack and speed.
  • Electivire: Evolve Electabuzz for a powerhouse Electric-type.
  • Roserade: Roselia's evolution is a must for Grass-type enthusiasts.

Lesser-Known Options for Evolution

Now, if you're the adventurous type, there are some under-the-radar options too. Ever thought about evolving a Misdreavus into a Mismagius? Or what about turning that Aipom into an Ambipom? They might not be the stars of the show, but they've got their own unique perks.

Strategic Utilization of Sinnoh Stones

So you've got the stone and the Pokémon. What's next? Strategy, my friends. Don't just evolve for the sake of it. Think about your team composition, your PvP goals, and what you really need to defeat those pesky Rocket Leaders.

Candy Requirements for Evolution

Before you hit that evolve button, make sure you've got enough candy. Most of these evolutions will set you back 100 candies. Yeah, it's a steep price, but the payoff is totally worth it.

To wrap things up

So there you have it, Trainers! Sinnoh Stones are more than just shiny rocks; they're your gateway to some of the most epic evolutions in Pokémon Go. Choose wisely and battle hard!


What is the easiest way to get Sinnoh Stones?

Four primary methods exist for acquiring a Sinnoh Stone:

  1. Complete seven Field Research tasks for a Research Breakthrough.
  2. Vanquish a Team Go Rocket Leader.
  3. Triumph in PvP battles against fellow trainers.
  4. Secure a Mystery Item in the Go Battle League.

How do you give Sinnoh Stones in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, you can utilize Sinnoh Stones by navigating to a Pokemon's profile, hitting the "Evolve" button as you usually would. The twist here? You'll get a prompt to use a Sinnoh Stone along with the requisite candy. Just tap, and voila, evolution occurs!

How hard is it to get a Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go?

You can potentially snag a Sinnoh Stone by competing in the Go Battle League. After clinching two victories in a five-battle set, you unlock a second reward, often a Sinnoh Stone.

Is Sinnoh Stone rare in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, Sinnoh Stones are quite scarce, making players eager to find dependable ways to snag them.