How To Beat Giovanni In Pokemon Go 2023 Lastest Update

July 20, 2023

I’ve faced the challenge of battling Giovanni, the notorious Team GO Rocket Boss, numerous times. It’s not an easy task, but with the right strategy and understanding of his lineup, you can emerge victorious. Here’s a brief overview of what you’re up against and some strategies I’ve found effective.

How To Beat Giovanni In Pokemon Go 2023 Lastest Update

Giovanni’s Lineup For June 2023

Shadow Persian

Giovanni always starts the battle with his trusty Shadow Persian. This Normal-type Pokémon is known for its speed and powerful Scratch and Foul Play attacks. It’s a tough opponent, but not unbeatable.

Shadow Nidoking/Kingler/Kingdra

The second phase of the battle is where things get tricky. Giovanni can choose between Shadow Nidoking, Kingler, or Kingdra. Each of these Pokémon has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll need to adapt your strategy accordingly.

Shadow Regice

Finally, Giovanni brings out his ace: Shadow Regice. This Ice-type Legendary Pokémon is a force to be reckoned with. Its high defense and powerful Ice-type moves make it a formidable opponent.


Best Team To Defeat Giovanni

From my personal experience, I’ve found that the best team to defeat Giovanni consists of Machamp, Primarina, and Tyranitar. Here’s why:

Machamp Against Persian

In the first phase, Giovanni always starts with his Shadow Persian. I’ve found that Machamp, with its Dynamic Punch and Counter moves, is a great counter to Persian. 

This is because Persian, being a Normal-type Pokemon, is vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks. I remember the first time I used Machamp against Persian, it was a game-changer!


Primarina Against Kingdra, Kingler, Or Nidoking

The second phase is unpredictable as Giovanni can choose from Shadow Kingdra, Shadow Kingler, or Shadow Nidoking. 

Here, I usually go with Primarina. Its Water and Fairy typing, along with moves like Hydro Cannon and Moonblast, can handle all three of these potential threats. I recall a battle where Primarina’s Hydro Cannon took down Kingdra in one shot. It was a sight to behold!

Tyranitar Against Regice

In the final phase, Giovanni brings out his legendary Shadow Regice. I’ve found that Tyranitar, with its Rock and Dark typing, is a solid choice. 

Its moves like Stone Edge and Crunch exploit Regice’s weaknesses to Rock and Fighting-type moves. I still remember the satisfaction I felt when my Tyranitar landed the final blow on Regice, securing my victory.

How To Counter Giovanni’s Pokemon

Persian Counters


I remember the first time I faced Giovanni’s Shadow Persian. It was a tough battle, but I learned that Persian, being a Normal-type Pokemon, is vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks. 

I’ve found that Lucario, Hariyama, Conkeldurr, Machamp, and Breloom are excellent choices to counter Persian. Their Fighting-type moves can deal significant damage to Persian, giving you an upper hand in the first phase of the battle.

Nidoking Counters


When Giovanni sent out his Shadow Nidoking, I was initially taken aback. Nidoking, a dual Poison and Ground-type Pokemon, has a unique set of weaknesses. 

It’s weak to Psychic, Water, and Ice-type attacks. I’ve had success using Kyogre, Mewtwo, Glaceon, and Swampert against Nidoking. Their powerful moves aligned with Nidoking’s weaknesses can help you overcome this challenge.

Kingler Counters


Giovanni’s Shadow Kingler is a formidable opponent. As a Water-type Pokemon, it’s weak against Electric and Grass-type attacks. 

I’ve found that Kartana, Raikou, Torterra, Ampharos, and Roserade are effective counters. Their Electric and Grass-type moves can exploit Kingler’s weaknesses, giving you a significant advantage.

Kingdra Counters


Facing Giovanni’s Shadow Kingdra was a unique challenge. Kingdra, a dual Water and Dragon-type Pokemon, is vulnerable to Dragon and Fairy-type moves. 

I’ve used Togekiss, Gardevoir, Clefable, and Dragonite to counter Kingdra. Their Dragon and Fairy-type moves can deal substantial damage to Kingdra, helping you win this phase of the battle.

Regice Counters


The final phase of the battle against Giovanni features the legendary Shadow Regice. Regice, an Ice-type Pokemon, is weak to Fire, Fighting, Steel, and Rock-type moves. 

I’ve found that Terrakion, Lucario, Reshiram, Blaziken, and Metagross are excellent choices to counter Regice. Their powerful moves can exploit Regice’s weaknesses, leading you to victory against Giovanni.

Rewards For Defeating Giovanni

Defeating Giovanni in Pokemon Go is no small feat, and the rewards are well worth the effort. The most exciting reward is the opportunity to catch the Legendary Shadow Pokemon that Giovanni uses in battle. In June 2023, this is the formidable Shadow Regice.

Catching a Shadow Pokemon is a unique experience. These Pokemon have a dark aura and are more powerful than their regular counterparts. They also have the potential to become even stronger if they are purified.

In addition to the chance to catch Shadow Regice, you’ll also receive 5000 Stardust, which is a valuable resource for powering up your Pokemon. You’ll also get two of the following items: Max Revives, Max Potions, Unova Stones, Sinnoh Stones, or TMs.


I’ve dissected Giovanni’s lineup and strategies to beat him. His team, including Shadow Persian, Nidoking/Kingler/Kingdra, and Regice, can be countered with the right Pokemon. Machamp, Kyogre, Raikou, Dragonite, and Reshiram are some of the best choices. Facing Giovanni is a challenge, but with persistence and the right strategy, you can triumph. Remember, every battle is a chance to grow. So, trainers, gear up, apply these strategies, and enjoy the game! Good luck!