Can You Change Teams in Pokemon Go? Guide to Team Instinct with Medallions

By Alan Sahbegovic | September 15, 2023

Ever found yourself questioning your allegiance in Pokémon Go? Maybe you're Team Instinct but your pals are all about Team Valor. Fret not, Niantic has got your back! With the introduction of the Team Medallion, you can now switch sides. For a few coins, this feature will allow trainers to change teams once per year by purchasing a team. So, if you're ready to swap that Instinct yellow for Mystic blue, read on to discover how!

Can You Change Teams in Pokemon Go? Guide to Team Instinct with Medallions

Key Takeaways:

  • Team Medallion: This is your golden ticket for switching teams, available in the in-game shop.
  • Cost and Time: Be aware of the real-world cost and the one-year waiting period between switches.
  • Preparation: Backup your Pokémon and items, and be ready for a change in gym control.
  • Adaptation: Learn your new team's dynamics to fit in quickly.

Can You Change Teams in Pokémon Go?

Pokemon GO players sometimes wondered that "can you change teams in Pokemon Go?". The process could be done by purchasing an item called the team medallion. But first, let's check this out:

The Initial Choice: Picking a Team

So, you hit level 5 and now you've got to pick a team. MysticValor, or Instinct—each has its own vibe and leader. It's not just about color; it's about community and gameplay perks.

Significance in Gameplay

Teams matter. They're your ticket to gym battles, raids, and earning those precious coins. It's not just a game; it's a social event.

Social Interactions

Your team is your Pokémon family. Community Days and team challenges? They're way more fun when you're repping your team colors.

The Desire for Change

Life changes, and sometimes you want your team to reflect that. Maybe your current team is sparse in your area, or you're just ready for a new challenge.

Why Switch?

Switching teams can open doors—easier gym battles, more successful raids, and a fresh gaming experience.

Emotional Journey

Switching isn't easy; it's like saying goodbye to an old friend. But sometimes, change is exactly what you need for a fresh start in Pokémon Go.


The Team Medallion: Your Ticket to Change

The Team Medallion—that elusive item in the Pokémon Go shop. It's not just a shiny trinket; it's your passport to a new allegiance. To snag one, head to the in-game shop and part ways with 1,000 Pokecoins. Simple, but with a catch or two.

The Cost of Change

So, you're ready to jump ship, but hold on—those 1,000 Pokecoins equate to roughly £10. Ouch! But hey, there's a silver lining. You can amass these coins by defending gyms, a slow yet rewarding grind. So, do you splurge or save?

Time Constraints: The 365-Day Rule

Here's the kicker: once you've got that medallion, you're locked in for a year. A whole 365 days, no take-backs. So, timing is everything. Maybe align your switch with a big event like Pokémon Go Fest? Just a thought.

The Switching Process: Step-by-Step

Pre-Switch Preparations

So, you've got that itch, huh? The one that says, "Maybe I'd have more fun on Team Mystic.". Before you jump ship, there's some prep work to do. First off, make sure you're absolutely certain. This isn't like changing your outfit; it's a year-long commitment. Got any Pokémon defending gyms? Better call 'em back. You won't earn any coins from them post-switch.

The Actual Switch

Scroll down to “change team” and tap it. You must acquire a team medallion in the shop. This little trinket is your golden ticket to a new team. It'll set you back 1,000 Pokécoins, which is roughly £10 or $13. No pocket change, that. Once purchased, the medallion sits in your inventory, biding its time until you make the Big Decision.

The Cost of Change

Let's talk moolah. That Team Medallion isn't free. It's 1,000 Pokécoins, remember? Now, you could fork over real-world cash, or you could earn those coins in-game. Defending gyms can net you up to 50 coins a day. So, if you're patient and strategic, you could amass enough coins without spending a dime.

Post-Switch Adjustments

Done deal? Cool. But hold on—what about your gym-defending Pokémon? They'll stay put until knocked out, but won't earn you any coins. Also, you can't battle them just because they're now on the "enemy" team. So, think it through.


The Consequences of Switching Teams

Loss of Progress

Switching teams in Pokemon Go isn't just a casual flip of a coin. You're essentially severing ties with your old team, and that comes with a cost. Say goodbye to those gym bonuses and the camaraderie you've built. Your Pokémon stationed at gyms? They'll stay put until defeated, but don't expect any Pokecoins when they return.

New Opportunities

But the grass is always greener, isn't it? A new team means new challenges, new friends, and a fresh start. Ever wondered what it's like to be on Team Instinct instead of Team Valor? Well, here's your chance. Plus, you'll get to catch different legendaries based on your team—Articuno for Mystic, Zapdos for Instinct, and Moltres for Valor.

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Transition

Team Dynamics

So, you've made the leap. First off, get to know your new team's strategies. Each team has its own culture and gameplay style. Team Mystic values wisdom, Team Instinct focuses on intuition, and Team Valor is all about raw power. Adapt and thrive!

Making the Most of Your New Team

Time to climb the ranks! Participate in gym battles and raids to quickly amass points and reputation. And hey, why not use a Lucky Egg to double your experience points for 30 minutes? It's all about making a grand entrance, right?

What Happens to Your Gym Badges When You Change Teams in Pokemon Go?

If you have any gym badges when you change teams in Pokemon Go, they will remain in your collection, but they will not count towards your progress in the new team.

However, if you have any Pokemon in Gyms at the time of team change, remote berry feeding will be disabled, and these Pokemon will be returned to your Pokemon Storage once they are defeated or if you visit that Gym.

You will not receive any PokeCoins for defending those Gyms. Therefore, it is important to consider your gym badges and Pokemon in Gyms before changing teams.

In the final analysis

Changing teams in Pokemon Go isn't just a click-and-done affair. It's a calculated move, that comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. So, if you're thinking of taking the plunge, make sure you're fully prepared for the journey ahead.


Is there a way to change your team for free in Pokemon Go?

To switch teams in Pokemon GO, you have to buy a Team Medallion from the in-game store. You're allowed to do this once a year, letting you change your allegiance.

What happens if you change teams in Pokémon Go?

After using a Team Medallion from your stash, you get to pick a new team. But remember, you can only buy one Team Medallion per year. If your Pokémon are in Gyms when you switch, they'll come back without any earned PokéCoins when defeated.