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Embark on an epic monster hunting adventure with Monster Hunter Now APK. Immerse yourself in real-world hunts, stunning graphics, and thrilling co-op battles.

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Latest version 74.1
Category Action
Compatibility Android 7.0+
Last Updated April 9, 2024
Download count 5.3 M+
Content rating
Price Free
Package name com.nianticlabs.monsterhunter

About Monster Hunter Now


The world of mobile gaming has been revolutionized with the release of Monster Hunter Now. This thrilling game takes players on an immersive hunting adventure, where they can track and battle formidable monsters from the Monster Hunter Now APK universe in real-world settings. With high-fidelity graphics and simplified tap-based controls, this game offers a unique experience that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

The World of Monster Hunting Monster Hunter Now APK

Explore the Real World Hunting Experience

Hunters will embark on a global quest to track down and hunt monsters that appear in our own world. Using geolocation technology, Monster Hunter Now APK brings these iconic creatures to life by adapting their habitats based on real-world locations such as forests, deserts, or swamps. This creates an incredibly immersive experience as players explore their surroundings in search of monstrous prey.

AR Camera: Bringing Monsters to Life

One of the most exciting features of Monster Hunter Now is its exclusive AR Camera functionality. Players can use their device's camera to see these magnificent monsters appear right before their eyes in the real world. This augmented reality feature adds a whole new level of excitement and realism to the gameplay, making each encounter with a monster truly unforgettable.

Engaging Gameplay Features

Mastering the Art of Hunting

In Monster Hunter Now APK, becoming a skilled hunter is key to success. Players must hone their skills and exploit weaknesses to complete hunts within 75 seconds. With each successful hunt, players earn rewards and unlock new challenges that push them further towards becoming true monster hunting legends.

Adventure Sync: Tracking Monsters on-the-go

With Adventure Sync enabled, even when players are not actively engaged in hunts, they can still mark passing monsters using Palico Paintballs. These paintballs allow hunters to conveniently locate specific monsters later on when they're ready for action again. It ensures that every moment spent exploring counts towards uncovering more thrilling encounters.

Co-op Mode: Team Up for Thrilling Battles

Join Forces with Fellow Hunters

Monster Hunter Now offers an exhilarating multiplayer experience, allowing players to connect with other hunters from around the world. By teaming up and coordinating their attacks, players can take on even more challenging monsters in intense battles. The combination of different weapons and skills among the hunters will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of these epic encounters.

Weapons and Armor Crafting Monster Hunter Now APK

Collect Materials and Upgrade Your Arsenal

As hunters progress through their quests, they have the opportunity to gather materials from defeated monsters. These materials can be used to forge powerful weapons and craft sturdy armor sets. Upgrading their arsenal is essential for increasing strength and readiness to face tougher opponents lurking in the wild.

Diverse Challenges Await

Face Unique Monsters

Monster Hunter Now APK offers a diverse range of monsters, each with its own set of abilities and challenges. From mighty wyverns to cunning beasts, every encounter presents a unique test of skill and strategy for aspiring hunters. It's important to learn about each monster's behavior patterns, weaknesses, and attack patterns to maximize your chances of success.

Graphics and Controls

High-quality Visuals

The developers have spared no effort in creating stunning visuals that bring Monster Hunter Now's immersive world to life on mobile devices. With detailed environments ranging from lush jungles to arid deserts or mysterious swamps, players will feel completely immersed in this breathtaking hunting experience.

Intuitive Tap-based Controls

To ensure an enjoyable gaming experience on mobile devices, Monster Hunter Now APK features simplified tap-based controls that are easy for players of all skill levels to grasp quickly. These intuitive controls allow players to execute precise movements during battles without any hassle or frustration.

Community Connection

Global Hunter Community

One aspect that makes Monster Hunter Now APK truly special is its strong emphasis on community interaction. Players have the opportunity to connect with fellow hunters from around the world, share their experiences, and participate in exciting monster conquests together. This global community creates a sense of camaraderie among players and fosters an environment where everyone can learn from each other.

Regular Updates

Continuous Improvements

The developers of Monster Hunter Now are committed to providing players with fresh content and continuous improvements. Regular updates introduce new monsters, weapons, quests, and exciting features that keep players engaged and entertained. With each update comes new opportunities for hunters to explore, conquer challenges, and expand their hunting prowess.

Monster Hunter Now APK offers an immersive monster-hunting experience set in the real world, combining stunning graphics with intuitive tap-based controls. To play, an internet connection is essential, enabling multiplayer battles and ensuring continuous updates with new monsters and features. The game's legitimate interest lies in captivating players with its action role-playing gameplay, where storage details are maintained securely. With the convenience of social login, players can embark on epic quests, and the duration resets with each thrilling adventure. Monster Hunter Now APK is a must-try for avid hunters seeking an engaging and visually impressive mobile gaming experience.

Monster Hunter Now APK: Unleash Your Hunting Skills

In conclusion, Monster Hunter Now APK delivers an unparalleled hunting experience on mobile devices. With its unique blend of real-world exploration, augmented reality encounters, engaging gameplay features such as Adventure Sync and Co-op Mode alongside stunning graphics and intuitive controls - it's a game that will keep players coming back for more. Join the global community of Monster Hunters today by downloading the game now!

What's updated in the Latest Version 74.1

Thank you for playing Monster Hunter Now.

Key Updates:
・Bug fixes, etc.

*For more detailed update information, please visit the Community Forum.

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Monster Hunter Now FAQs

1. Can I play Monster Hunter Now without an internet connection?

No, an internet connection is required to fully enjoy the game and participate in multiplayer battles.

2. How often does Monster Hunter Now release new updates?

The game developers regularly release updates with new monsters, weapons, quests, and features to keep players engaged and entertained.

3. Is there a way to track monsters even when I'm not actively playing the game?

Yes, you can use Adventure Sync and Palico Paintballs to mark passing monsters in the real world. This allows you to find them later when you're ready for action again.

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