How to Use Expansion Permit in Hay Day: Ultimate Guide to Farm Growth and Diamonds!

By Melissa Sarnowski | September 14, 2023

Ever found yourself drowning in crops and running out of room on your farm? Yeah, we've all been there. Whether you're gaming on Android or another platform, the struggle for space is real. But guess what? There's a golden ticket to expanding your agricultural empire: the expansion permit. This guide will dive deep into how to use expansion permits in Hay Day, so you can harvest more than just wheat and carrots. Let's get to it!

How to Use Expansion Permit in Hay Day: Ultimate Guide to Farm Growth and Diamonds!

Key Takeaways:

  • Plan your expansion carefully.
  • Balance is crucial; don't neglect other game aspects.
  • Expansion affects both immediate rewards and long-term game progression.

What is the Expansion Permit in Hay Day?

What Expansion Permits Are

So, you've heard the term expansion permit thrown around in the Hay Day community, but what's the big deal? These bad boys are your golden ticket to more land. Think of them as your VIP pass to a bigger farm, where you can grow more crops like wheat, carrot, and corn.

Why They're Important

More land equals more opportunities. You can plant more crops, build more structures, and basically just do more of everything! You can even get into some special expansion areas that are otherwise off-limits. Trust me, you want these permits in your life.

How They Change the Game Dynamics

These permits aren't just about more space; they're game-changers, literally. They alter how you strategize your farming activities and resource management. With extra land, you can diversify your crops, optimize your harvest cycles, and even dabble in some animal housing. It's like unlocking a new level in a game, but better because it's your own farm we're talking about!


How to Use Expansion Permit in Hay Day

Reaching the Required Level

So how to use expansion permit in Hay Day? First things first, you've gotta level up to even think about using an expansion permit. Most players hit this milestone around level 29, so keep grinding those daily tasks and quests.

Where to Find Them in the Game

You're leveled up and raring to go. So where do you find these elusive permits? Well, they're often rewards for completing tasks or winning derbies. Sometimes, you can snag one from the wheel of fortune or as a derby prize. Keep an eye on those special boat events too!

Cost and Currency Involved

You'll need a mix of coins and diamonds to get your hands on an expansion permit. Prices can vary, so it's a good idea to have a stash of both currencies. You can also trade in-game items like land deeds or marker stakes to lower the cost.

Making the Choice: Types of Expansion

Expanding Existing Farm vs. Creating a New One

So you're sitting on a pile of expansion permits and you're itching to use them. But hold on a sec, you've got choices to make. Do you expand your current farm or start a new plot altogether? Expanding your existing farm is like adding another room to your house; it's familiar and you know the lay of the land. Starting fresh, though, that's like moving to a new city—exciting but risky.

Factors to Consider

Before you go all in, ponder a few things. What's your game strategy? Are you a crop hoarder or an animal lover? Your focus could dictate your expansion plans. Also, consider your resource management. Got enough coins and diamonds to sustain the new land? Think it through.

Activating Your Expansion Permit

Initiating the Expansion

You're expanding. Now, how do you actually make it happen? First, head to your farm's boundary where you'll see markers indicating expandable land. Tap on it, and if you've got the permits and resources, you're golden. Hit that 'Expand' button and watch the magic happen.

Waiting Time and What to Do While You Wait

So you've hit the button, but it's not instant gratification. There's a waiting period, often a few hours. Don't just sit there; this is a great time to focus on other aspects of the game. Maybe participate in a special boat event or spin the wheel of fortune. Time will fly, and before you know it, you'll be staring at your new piece of land.


Strategic Placement: Where to Expand

Considering Your Current Farm Layout

So, you've got your expansion permits in hand, and you're ready to grow that farm of yours. But wait, where exactly should you expand? Your current layout matters. If you've got a field full of wheat and corn, maybe consider a spot that complements that.

Climate and Resource Factors

Let's talk about the environment. Different areas have different climates and resources. Some spots are great for crops; others might be more suited for animal housing. Keep an eye on the weather patterns and resource availability in different areas. It's not just about space; it's about making that space work for you.

Making the Final Decision

Alright, you've weighed all the factors. It's decision time. Trust your gut, but also trust the data. Look at your coins, diamonds, and other resources. Make sure you're making a choice that aligns with your long-term game strategy.

Making the Most of Your New Space

Farming Strategies for Expanded Land

You've expanded, and now you've got this shiny new land. Time to farm like you've never farmed before. Consider crop rotation to maximize yield. Maybe even get into some specialized farming like focusing solely on carrots for a season.

Decorative Ideas and Themes

But hey, farming isn't just about the grind; it's also about style. Why not make your new land a showpiece? Think about themes. A holiday calendar area? A special boat event corner? Get creative!


What You Gain from Expanding?

Immediate and Long-Term Rewards

So you've hit that expand button, and you're probably wondering, "What's in it for me?" Immediate rewards can range from coins to diamonds and even some unique decorative items. But let's not forget the long-term gains. More land means more crops, more animals, and ultimately, a more prosperous farm.

How Expansion Affects Game Progression

Expanding isn't just about having a bigger farm; it's a game-changer, literally. More space allows for more complex farming strategies, which can lead to leveling up faster. It's a cycle: expand, grow, level up, and repeat.

Efficient Use of Expansion Permits Tips

Planning Ahead for Future Expansion

You've got your expansion permits, but don't just use them willy-nilly. Plan ahead. Think about where you'll be in the game a month from now. Will you need more space for animal housing or perhaps a specialized crop rotation area? Make your permits count.

Balancing Expansion with Other Game Goals

Expansion is cool, but it's not the end-all-be-all. You've got other goals, like maybe winning that derby prize or spinning the wheel of fortune. Balance is key. Don't go all-in on expansion and neglect other aspects that make the game fun and rewarding.

Taking everything into account

In a nutshell, expansion permits are your golden ticket to a bigger, better farm in Hay Day. Use them wisely, plan ahead, and balance your goals. Your farm's future greatness is literally in your hands.


How do you expand your area in hay day?

To get more room on your farm, you'll need various expansion materials. You can start expanding at Farm Level 22. Special Decorated areas at the farm's bottom become available for expansion at Farm Level 25.

What do you do with expansion permit hay day?

Expansion permits let you open up Special Expansion zones at the lower part of your farm. You can start using them once you hit Farm Level 25. You'll find these permits in the Valley's Shop.