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Clean Master

Clean Master APK is a free Android app that can help users to clean and optimize their devices. The app can remove junk files, cache, and residual files, manage and kill background apps, boost device performance, and scan for viruses and malware.

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Category Tools
Compatibility Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated February 6, 2020
Download count 4.4 M+
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Price Free
Package name com.cleanmaster.mguard

About Clean Master


Are you tired of a sluggish phone that lags and runs out of storage space? Look no further! Clean Master APK is the ultimate solution to optimize your Android device. This powerful app combines advanced features like junk cleaning, battery saving, and antivirus protection to give your phone a much-needed performance boost. With its user-friendly interface and efficient file management capabilities, Clean Master is here to revolutionize the way you use your phone. Download now for free and experience the true potential of your Android device.

Boost Performance with Clean Master APK

Is your smartphone not performing at its best? Is it struggling with slow speed or running out of storage space? Say goodbye to these issues with Clean Master APK. Let's explore how this incredible app can enhance your device's performance:

RAM Booster for Faster Multitasking

  • Optimize RAM usage for smoother multitasking
  • Speed up app launches and reduce lag
  • Ensure seamless performance even with resource-intensive apps

Junk Cleaner for Efficient Storage Management Clean Master APK

  • Clear unwanted cache files accumulated over time
  • Free up valuable storage space on your device
  • Improve overall system responsiveness

Battery Saver for Extended Battery Life

  • Identify power-hungry apps consuming excessive battery
  • Optimize settings to prolong battery life
  • Maximize usage time without worrying about running out of power

By utilizing these essential features in Clean Master, you can effortlessly improve the speed and efficiency of your Android device while optimizing its resources.

Enhance Security with Clean Master APK

In today's digital landscape where online threats are rampant, protecting our devices has become paramount. With APK, security is taken care of effectively:

Antivirus Protection Certified by AV-TEST

  • Safeguard your device from viruses, malware, and other online threats
  • Regularly scan installed apps for potential risks
  • Eliminate malicious files that can compromise your privacy

WiFi Security for Safe Internet Connections

  • Detect fake WiFi networks to prevent unauthorized access
  • Ensure secure browsing and protect sensitive information
  • Stay connected with peace of mind while using public WiFi hotspots

With Clean Master APK, you can rest assured knowing that your Android device is shielded against the ever-evolving digital dangers.

Optimize Gaming Experience with Game Master Feature

Are you an avid mobile gamer? Clean Master APK has something special in store for you. Let's explore the remarkable features of Game Master:

Manage Games Efficiently

  • Organize all your games in one place for easy access
  • Customize settings to enhance your gaming experience
  • Enjoy seamless gameplay without any distractions

Accelerate Loading Speeds

  • Boost game loading times by optimizing system resources
  • Minimize lag and delays during gameplay
  • Get into the action faster than ever before

Discover new games and unlock a whole new level of gaming performance with Clean APK's Game Master feature.

Manage Apps Efficiently with AppLock Feature

Privacy is crucial when it comes to our personal data. With Clean Master APK's AppLock, you have complete control over app privacy:

Secure Your Apps with PIN or Pattern Lock

  • Protect sensitive apps from prying eyes
  • Choose between PIN or pattern lock as per your preference
  • Prevent unauthorized access to confidential information

Whether it's social media accounts, banking apps, or private photo galleries, keep them safe from intruders using AppLock within Clean Master APK.

Streamline Device Storage with File Manager Feature Clean Master APK

Having cluttered storage on our devices can impact their performance. Luckily, Master APK's File Manager feature offers a comprehensive solution:

Efficient File Organization

  • Simplify file management with an intuitive interface
  • Easily locate and categorize files for quick access
  • Delete unnecessary or large files that occupy valuable space

Keep Your Device Clean and Organized

  • Clear residual files left behind after uninstalling apps
  • Remove cache files to optimize storage usage
  • Ensure your device runs smoothly without clutter

With Clean Master APK, managing your device's storage has never been easier.


In a world where our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, it is essential to keep them clean, optimized, and secure. With Clean Master APK, you can achieve all these goals effortlessly. Boost your Android device's performance, enhance security against online threats, streamline app management and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Don't wait any longer; download Clean Master today and unlock the true potential of your Android device.

What's updated in the Latest Version

We are always working to improve Clean Master performance and user experience.
Because of you, we are getting better.
- Add SafeConnect VPN – fast and secure VPN proxy, to protect your online privacy
- More powerful scanning and antivirus engine
- Optimize product speed and performance
- Fix some known bugs

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Clean Master FAQs

1. What is Clean Master APK?

Clean Master APK is a powerful app designed to optimize the performance of your Android device. It offers features like junk cleaning, battery saving, antivirus protection, game optimization, and app privacy locking.

2. How does Clean Master APK improve my device's performance?

Clean Master APK improves your device's performance by clearing junk files and cache, optimizing RAM usage, extending battery life, and providing security against viruses and malware.

3. Is Clean Master APK safe to use?

Yes! Clean Master APK is developed by a trusted company and certified by AV-TEST for its antivirus engine. It ensures that your device remains secure while using the app.

4. Can I uninstall apps with Clean Master APK?

Yes! One of the features of Clean Master APK is the ability to manage apps efficiently. You can easily uninstall unwanted apps that are no longer needed or taking up valuable storage space on your device.

5. Does Clean Master APK require root access on my Android device?

No! Root access is not required to use most of the features in Clean Mast

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