Best Clash Royale Decks

July 20, 2023

Discover the best Clash Royale decks of 2023 in this ultimate guide. Dominate the arena with the best Clash Royale strategies of the season.

Best Clash Royale Decks

There’s no doubt that navigating the dynamic world of Clash Royale can be challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the right deck. With the game’s meta constantly evolving, staying updated with the most effective strategies is crucial. This guide is here to help. We’ve compiled insights from popular decks and expert advice to assist you in building a winning deck.

Types of Clash Royale Decks

Offensive/Defensive Balance

A well-balanced deck, such as the Royal Giant Ghost deck, focuses on both offensive and defensive styles of play. This deck aims to overwhelm opponents with a combination of high hitpoint cards and a robust defense. 

The Royal Giant acts as a tank, while the Royal Ghost, Fisherman, and Electro Spirit can wreak havoc on both opponent cards and towers.

Aggressive Decks

Aggressive decks, like the Hog 2.6 Cycle deck, are designed to apply constant pressure on the opponent. The Hog Rider card is a key component of this deck, delivering significant damage to enemy towers when timed correctly.

Defensive Decks

Defensive decks, such as the Monk Graveyard Ice Wizard Phoenix deck, excel in defensive situations. The Monk card can push back and deal damage to opposition cards, while the Ice Wizard and Phoenix provide additional sustainability.

Balanced Decks

Balanced decks, like the Lava Hound Balloon deck, require a strategic balance of offensive and defensive cards. The Lava Hound card is the main offensive card, while supporting cards like the Balloon and Fireball can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of this strategy.

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How do Clash Royale Decks Work?


Card Rotation

In Clash Royale, your deck consists of 8 cards. These cards are your army, each with unique abilities and roles. 

The card rotation system in Clash Royale is cyclic, meaning that once you use a card, it goes to the back of your rotation and you have to use all other cards before it comes back to your hand. 

This rotation system is crucial to your strategy as it determines the availability of your cards during the battle.

Understanding the Cycle

The order in which you play your cards determines the rotation cycle. If you start the game with Card A, followed by Card B, Card C, and so on, Card A will not be available until you have used all other cards in your deck. 

This is why it’s essential to understand your deck’s cycle and plan your moves accordingly.

Elixir Management

Elixir is the resource you use to play your cards. Effective elixir management is key to winning in Clash Royale. 

Each card has an elixir cost, and you need to have enough elixir to play it. Your elixir bar fills up automatically during the game, but managing it effectively can give you an edge over your opponent.

Elixir Advantage

An elixir advantage means you have more elixir than your opponent. This advantage allows you to play more or stronger cards, putting pressure on your opponent. 

You can gain an elixir advantage by making efficient trades, such as using a low-cost card to counter a high-cost card from your opponent.

Balanced Decks

A balanced deck in Clash Royale means having a variety of cards that can handle different situations. This includes having both low and high elixir cards, cards that can attack air and ground units, and cards for offense and defense. 

A balanced deck gives you flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to respond effectively to your opponent’s moves.

Deck Archetypes

There are several deck archetypes in Clash Royale, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some popular archetypes include Beatdown, Control, and Siege. 

Beatdown decks focus on building a big push to take down enemy towers, Control decks aim to make positive elixir trades and outcycle the opponent, while Siege decks try to take down enemy towers from your side of the arena.

Best Clash Royale Decks 2023


6 Hog Cycle

The 6 Hog Cycle deck is a fast-paced deck that relies on the Hog Rider’s quick attacks and the cycle of low-cost cards to constantly apply pressure on the opponent. 

The key to mastering this deck is understanding the timing of your Hog Rider and effectively cycling through your cards to keep the pressure up.

Musicmaster’s X-Bow

Musicmaster’s X-Bow deck is a control deck that aims to secure the battlefield with defensive structures like the X-Bow, and then launch a counterattack.

 It requires patience and a deep understanding of your opponent’s deck to know when to switch from defense to offense.

E.K.K.A. Deck

The E.K.K.A. deck is a powerful offensive deck that relies on the P.E.K.K.A. for defense and the Battle Ram for applying pressure.

With the right combination of Electro Wizard and P.E.K.K.A., it’s hard for anything to get through your barriers.

Golem Beatdown

The Golem Beatdown deck is a classic heavy-hitter deck that focuses on building a big push with the Golem, supported by other units like the Baby Dragon and Dark Prince. 

It’s all about timing your Golem push and supporting it with the right units.

Graveyard RR Tesla

The Graveyard RR Tesla deck is a unique combination that uses the Graveyard spell to spawn skeletons in the opponent’s territory, while the Royal Recruits and Tesla provide defense. 

It’s a deck that requires strategic placement of the Graveyard and smart use of the Royal Recruits and Tesla.

Mega Knight Graveyard

The Mega Knight Graveyard deck is a powerful combo deck that uses the Mega Knight for defense and counterattacks, and the Graveyard to apply pressure.

The key to this deck is knowing when to deploy your Mega Knight and when to surprise your opponent with the Graveyard.

Mother Witch Fireball Bait

The Mother Witch Fireball Bait deck is a tricky deck that uses the Mother Witch to generate hogs from enemy units, while other cards in the deck are used to bait out the opponent’s spells. It’s all about managing your resources and knowing when to bait and when to attack.

RG Mother Witch Fisherman

The RG Mother Witch Fisherman deck is a versatile deck that uses the Royal Giant for offense, the Mother Witch for control, and the Fisherman for pulling enemy units. It’s a deck that requires good positioning and understanding of each card’s role.

Clash Royale Champion Decks


In the fast-paced arena of Clash Royale, mastering the right deck can be the difference between victory and defeat. Here, we delve into some of the most potent decks used by champions, each with its unique strategy and card combination.

Wall Breakers Goblin Drilling

The Wall Breakers Goblin Drilling deck is a popular choice among Clash Royale champions. 

This deck leverages the destructive power of Wall Breakers and the disruptive capabilities of the Goblin Drill. The strategy here is to use the Wall Breakers to damage enemy towers while the Goblin Drill distracts and diverts enemy troops. 

This deck requires precise timing and strategic placement of troops to maximize damage and control the battlefield.

RH MA Zappies

The RH MA Zappies deck is a versatile and balanced deck that combines the power of Royal Hogs (RH) and Magic Archer (MA) with the stunning abilities of Zappies. 

The strategy revolves around using the Royal Hogs to deal damage to enemy towers, the Magic Archer for long-range support, and Zappies to stun and disrupt enemy troops. This deck requires a good understanding of troop placement and timing to effectively control the battlefield and outmaneuver your opponent.

Golem Skeletons, Dragons Pumps

The Golem Skeletons, Dragons Pumps deck is a powerhouse of a deck that focuses on heavy offense. 

The Golem acts as the primary tank, absorbing damage and distracting enemy troops. The Skeletons and Dragons provide the main offensive force, dealing significant damage to enemy towers and troops. 

The Elixir Collector (Pump) is used to generate additional Elixir over time, allowing for more frequent deployment of troops. This deck requires careful management of Elixir and strategic deployment of troops to overwhelm the enemy.

Ram Riders

The Ram Riders deck is a fast-paced, aggressive deck that focuses on quick attacks and constant pressure. The Ram Rider, with its ability to charge at enemy buildings and snare enemy troops, is the star of this deck. 

The strategy is to keep the enemy on their back foot with constant Ram Rider charges while using other troops for defense and support. This deck requires quick decision-making and aggressive gameplay to keep the pressure on the enemy.

Royal Hogs, Royal Delivery

The Royal Hogs, Royal Delivery deck is a balanced deck that offers a mix of offense and defense. The Royal Hogs are used to deal damage to enemy towers, while the Royal Delivery spell provides defense by dealing damage and knocking back enemy troops. 

The strategy with this deck is to use the Royal Hogs to apply pressure on the enemy while using Royal Delivery to defend your towers. This deck requires good timing and strategic use of the Royal Delivery spell to effectively control the battlefield.

Skeleton Dragons

The Skeleton Dragons deck is a versatile deck that can adapt to various situations. The Skeleton Dragons, with their ability to fly and deal area damage, are the main offensive force in this deck. 

The strategy is to use the Skeleton Dragons to control the battlefield and deal damage to enemy towers and troops. 

This deck requires careful positioning of the Skeleton Dragons and strategic use of other troops to support them.


The Balloons deck is a high-risk, high-reward deck that focuses on aerial attacks. The Balloon, with its high damage and hit points, is the main offensive troop in this deck. 

The strategy is to use the Balloon to deal massive damage to enemy towers while using other troops for defense and distraction. This deck requires precise timing and strategic deployment of the Balloon to maximize its potential.

Mother Witch – MK SimCity Cart FM

The Mother Witch – MK SimCity Cart FM deck is a complex and strategic deck that requires a deep understanding of the game mechanics. The Mother Witch, with her ability to

turn cursed enemy troops into Cursed Hogs, is the key player in this deck. The Mega Knight (MK) and the Furnace provide a solid defense, while the Royal Ghost and the Flying Machine (FM) offer versatile offensive options. 

The SimCity Cart, with its ability to spawn buildings, adds an extra layer of complexity to your strategy. This deck requires a deep understanding of troop synergies and timing to effectively control the battlefield.

AQ Royal Hogs 2.9 Cycle

The AQ Royal Hogs 2.9 Cycle deck is a fast-paced, cycle-based deck that focuses on quick attacks and constant pressure. 

The Archer Queen (AQ), with her cloaking ability and long-range attacks, is the star of this deck. The Royal Hogs provide a solid offensive force, and the low average Elixir cost of 2.9 allows for quick cycling of cards. 

The strategy is to keep the pressure on the enemy with constant attacks while using your other troops for defense and support. 

This deck requires quick decision-making and aggressive gameplay to keep the enemy on the back foot.

Archer Queen Mega Knight

The Archer Queen Mega Knight deck is a balanced deck that offers a mix of offense and defense. 

The Archer Queen, with her long-range attacks and cloaking ability, provides a solid offensive force. The Mega Knight, with its area damage and high hit points, acts as the primary tank and defensive troop. 

The strategy with this deck is to use the Archer Queen to apply pressure on the enemy while using the Mega Knight to defend your towers and control the battlefield. 

This deck requires good troop management and strategic use of the Archer Queen and Mega Knight to effectively control the battlefield.

What Makes a Clash Royale Deck Good?


Understanding the Game Mechanics

A good Clash Royale deck is not just about having powerful cards, but also about understanding the game mechanics. Clash Royale is a game where two players drop units onto the battlefield, aiming to destroy the opponent’s towers. 

Each card in your deck represents a different unit or spell that can be used in the game. The key to a successful deck is understanding how these cards interact with each other and how they can be used to counter the opponent’s cards.

Deck Composition

The composition of your deck plays a crucial role in determining its effectiveness. A balanced deck should have a mix of units, including those that can attack towers, units that can defend against enemy attacks, and units that can perform both roles. 

For example, the P.E.K.K.A. deck, which is great for offensive play, relies on P.E.K.K.A. for defense when needed, while the Battle Ram and Bandit offer great pressure.

Strategy and Playstyle

The strategy and playstyle that a deck supports is another important factor. Some decks, like the Hog 2.6 Cycle deck, call for an offensive playstyle, while others, like the Royal Giant Ghost deck, focus on both attacking and defensive styles of play. 

Understanding the strategy that a deck supports and being able to execute that strategy effectively is key to winning games.


A good deck should also be adaptable. Clash Royale is a game that is constantly changing, with new cards being introduced and existing cards being balanced regularly. 

A deck that is adaptable can adjust to these changes and remain effective. For instance, the Monk Graveyard Ice Wizard Phoenix deck is centered around the latest Champion, Monk, and can adapt to different defensive situations.

Popularity and Meta

Finally, the popularity of a deck and its effectiveness in the current meta (most effective tactic available) can also indicate its goodness. 

Decks that are commonly used by top players and have a high win rate are usually good choices. However, it’s important to note that just because a deck is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit your playstyle or skill level.

Is Clash Royale Deck Builder Worth It?


Understanding the Clash Royale Deck Builder

The Clash Royale Deck Builder is a tool designed to assist players in creating and optimizing their decks. It provides a platform where players can experiment with different card combinations, analyze their deck’s strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions about their gameplay strategy.

Key Features of the Deck Builder

The Clash Royale Deck Builder offers several features that make it a valuable resource for players. These include:

  1. Deck Analysis: The tool provides an in-depth analysis of your deck, including its strengths, weaknesses, and potential counters. This allows you to understand how your deck performs against various types of opponents and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  2. Card Suggestions: Based on the current meta, the deck builder suggests cards that could enhance your deck’s performance. This feature is particularly useful for players who are unsure about which cards to include in their deck.
  3. Community Decks: The deck builder also showcases popular decks used by other players. This can provide inspiration and help you understand what strategies are currently effective in the game.

Benefits of Using the Clash Royale Deck Builder

Strategic Advantage

Using the Clash Royale Deck Builder can give players a significant strategic advantage. By understanding the mechanics of your deck and how it interacts with other decks, you can develop effective strategies and counter-strategies. 

This can be particularly beneficial in high-stakes matches where a single decision can determine the outcome of the game.


The Clash Royale meta is constantly evolving, with new cards and strategies emerging regularly. The deck builder helps players adapt to these changes by providing up-to-date information and suggestions. 

This allows players to stay ahead of the curve and maintain their competitive edge.

Learning and Improvement

For new players, the deck builder can serve as a valuable learning tool. It provides insights into the game’s mechanics and strategies, helping players improve their skills and understanding of the game.


Mastering Clash Royale requires strategic deck building. The best decks of 2023 offer diverse strategies, balancing offense and defense. Champion decks provide inspiration, while tools like the Clash Royale Deck Builder can enhance gameplay through analysis and card suggestions. Understanding these elements can significantly improve your performance.