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Want to know which is the most complete bank app? Then you'll have to download Caixa Tem APK: the Brazilian bank app has everything, which is a show of solutions for you to take care of all your money online.

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Latest version 1.88.5
Category Finance
Compatibility Android 4.4 +
Last Updated January 1, 2000
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About CAIXA Tem


Finding a bank that has the best rates, the most interesting services for your reality, the easiest access and the most complete help for account holders is not an easy task in Brazil, since we have a large number of recognized banking and financial institutions for its qualities.

Proof of this is that there are many international banks that tried to venture into our country and were literally swallowed up by ours. Perhaps, the exception that occurs to us is Santander, which managed, in a way, its place in the Sun.

We have a recommendation on what you should take more seriously when choosing your bank, in addition to a fee-free account: the electronic services it offers. This means a stable application that delivers the widest range of opportunities for controlling, using, and investing your hard-earned money. In other words, this means Caixa Tem APK.

You didn't even know the Box was so good. We'll show.

What is the new Caixa Tem Apk?

In this fierce digital race between banks in search of gaining more customers, one of the most popular banks launched the Caixa Tem APK update. The application is a platform where the user has a multitude of resources to control not only his own money but also any possible benefits he has money, whether governmental or even labor benefits.

That is, Caixa Tem Apk updated from 2021 is a tool for account holders and non-account holders. However, of course, if you have an account there, the features are much more advanced and you can do everything in the app, without the need to step foot in a physical branch – although, as we all know, Caixa is one of the banks with greater presence in national municipalities – or face those long queues.

Below, we will comment on these tools and their respective advantages.

What does the Caixa Tem E-Wallet App offer?

Since resources vary depending on whether you are an account holder or not, we will uniquely approach each scenario. But if you are not an account holder yet, you will also be able to use Caixa Tem Apk to open your account, completely digitally, quickly, and free of charge.

Caixa Tem for non-account holders

A lot of people think that a bank e-wallet app can only be used by someone who is actually a customer. This maxim makes sense and is true for all financial institutions, except CEF, as we explain below.

Social function:

If you receive Bolsa Família, which is about to become, temporarily, Renda Brasil, or any other aid from the federal government, you can check your balance and know when they will be credited to your account. The benefits included are:

    • emergency aid
    • Income Brazil
    • Good
    • emergency FGTS

It is important to highlight that, whenever the government offers any type of financial aid to a layer of the population, such value will be credited to those entitled by Caixa Tem Apk. Thus, the app is the official intermediary for all cases. Again, you can also open your account via the tool if you wish.

And if you choose to do so, the sky is the limit.

Caixa Tem for account holders

If you keep your money in this traditional bank, in addition to, of course, having access to its social function, you also gain an infinity of other resources, as expected. Below, is a little of what the latest version of the Caixa Tem Apk can do.

  • Digital savings: You can save your money, check your balance, and even move your capital wherever you need it through the app. No queues and no long phone calls to the bank
  • Digital debit card: a practice that has become popular is the use of digital debit cards by banks, which provide customers with much more security when making online purchases. With the Caixa Tem Apk debit card, you'll be able to party at Shopee
  • Pay with QR code: in times of distancing and less physical contact, you can choose to scan a QR code on one of these store machines and pay for your purchase with the app, without touching anything
  • Paying basic bills: water, electricity, telephone, and gas can also be paid using the recent version of Caixa Tem Apk, as long as they do not separately reach the R$600 limit. $1200
  • Transfers and PIX: If you have an account at another bank or need to send money to someone who uses another institution, Caixa Tem Apk for Android sends up to R$ 600 at once. Of course, it is also possible to receive unlimited money in your account
  • Cell phone credits: If you use a cell phone with a prepaid chip, regardless of the operator, you can top up here, taking advantage of the balance you already have in your account

Caixa Tem: A Stable, Secure, and Social Bank for Everyone

In addition, CEF is an institution with many years and a solid track record in the country, which has the latest technology to create safe services and products, always with a social arm, that is, betting on more competitive rates so that the entire population has a quality bank and incredible resources at your disposal. No bank that doesn't work, Caixa Tem is a stable solution, rich in functions, and very secure. You can believe it because it's Caixa Apk.

If you want to become an account holder, just download Caixa Tem APK and fall in love with this incredible bank and application.

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1. How to download the updated Caixa Tem?

So, to update the CAIXA Tem app, you just need to open the Play Store on an Android phone or the App Store on iOS and search for "CAIXA Tem." Then, if there's an update available, click the "Update" button.

2. Why can't I install Caixa Tem?

One of the issues that may prevent access to Caixa TEM is having an old version of the app installed on your phone. Therefore, go to your smartphone's app store (Android or iOS) and check if there's a more recent version that can be downloaded.

3. What is the most recent version of the Caixa Tem app?

CAIXA has launched a new version of CAIXA Tem (1.78), which is being gradually made available to Android and iOS mobile users. To check if the new version is available on your phone, simply access the app store and see if it's already possible to download.

4. What is needed to download Caixa Tem?

Downloading CAIXA Tem is very easy, and anyone can do it. Just access the Google Play Store or the Apple Store directly from your phone and download it.

5. What is the original Caixa Tem app?


CAIXA Tem is the new app from CAIXA, created to facilitate access for all Brazilians to social services and various banking transactions.

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