What is a Prenup in BitLife? A Casual Guide to Marriage, Assets, and Financial Planning

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 24, 2023

The meaning of a prenup in BitLife is unclear to many people. Many Bitizens on Reddit and beyond grapple with how to manage assets and financial planning before tying the knot. Fear not, for this article unravels the enigma of prenuptial agreements, offering you a roadmap to safeguard your net worth and investments in the event of a divorce.

What is a Prenup in BitLife? A Casual Guide to Marriage, Assets, and Financial Planning

Key Takeaways:

  • Prenups used for protecting pre-marriage assets.
  • They influence relationship dynamics and decisions.
  • 5 Steps to have a prenup: Age 18+, find partner, build relationship, get married, then sign a prenuptial agreement. 
  • Prenup protect your assets but either can strain your relationships.

What is a prenup in BitLife?

Explanation of Prenup

A prenup (or prenuptial agreement) in order to protect assets in BitLife, is a feature players can utilize when their characters get married in BitLife, saving the capital that you already have before marriage, acts as a legal contract that safeguards the assets you've amassed before marriage. Should a divorce occur, this agreement ensures that your pre-marriage wealth remains protected, which allow your character to protect the money they made before getting married, while income earned during the marriage becomes shared assets.

Importance of Prenups in the Game's Marriage Dynamics

What does a prenup do in BitLife? Prenups play a vital role in BitLife's marriage dynamics, allows both spouses to retain and keep their assets falling a marriage, offering security against potential financial loss in divorce cases, especially when there's a significant disparity in net worth between partners.

How to Acquire a Prenup in BitLife

Acquiring a prenup in BitLife involves engagement planning, discussing the agreement with your partner, and deciding whether to sign. The decision can impact the relationship, possibly leading to a breakup.


Step 1: Age Requirements and Relationship Building

In BitLife, you must be at least 18 years old to consider a prenup, aligning with the game's adult character requirements for marriage.

Step 2: Finding a Partner and Engaging in a Relationship

To pursue a prenup, you first need to find a partner and engage in a relationship. Building trust and understanding is crucial, as the prenup discussion to sign one can be sensitive.

Step 3: Accessing Dating Options Through the Activities Tab

In BitLife, the activities tab provides access to dating options, allowing you to explore relationships and eventually discuss prenuptial agreements with your chosen partner.

Step 4: Enhancing the Relationship and Engagement

In BitLife, strengthening your relationship with your partner is essential. Engaging in shared activities and understanding each other's needs can help level up the relationship. Once you're in a relationship with someone and have the ability to marry. Planning the wedding after engagement, once engaged, you'll have the opportunity to plan your wedding, including the option to discuss a prenuptial agreement.

Step 5: Discussing and Agreeing to Prenup Stipulations

The option to sign a prenup in BitLife will present itself after setting up your wedding. You or your potential partner can request or demand to sign one, affecting the relationship.


Reasons to Consider a Prenup in BitLife

The Significance of Prenups in Protecting Assets

Prenups in BitLife is divorce protection which protect your hard-earned money and assets accrued before marriage, ensuring they remain separate in the event of a divorce. In case you marry into royalty, prenuptial agreements should not be concerned.

How Prenups Can Affect the Outcome of a Divorce in the Game

Any assets or net worth attained while married aren't covered by a prenup, and will be divided between both parties in a divorce, affecting the financial outcome.

Pros and Cons of Having a Prenup in BitLife

Prenups offer financial security but can strain relationships. Declining or demanding a prenup may lead to a breakup. Signing or not signing a prenup can also be part of challenges in the game.


In BitLife, prenuptial agreements add a layer of realism and complexity to the game's marriage dynamics. Understanding and navigating prenups can enhance the gameplay experience, reflecting real-world financial and relationship considerations.

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Is a prenup good or bad in BitLife?

In BitLife, prenuptial agreements shield the dough you've earned prior to tying the knot. Should your net worth be hefty and a divorce occurs down the road, retrieving this cash will be a breeze, free of complications