How to Increase Looks in BitLife: Happiness from Beauty Salon to Plastic Surgery!

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 29, 2023

Are you looking for ways to make your BitLife avatar more attractive? In this simulator, stats like happiness and health often overshadow the importance of appearance. Yet, enhancing your looks can be a game-changer. From plastic surgery to risk-free methods, this article demystifies the stats and strategies to make your Bitizen not just smart but also irresistibly attractive.

How to Increase Looks in BitLife: Happiness from Beauty Salon to Plastic Surgery!

Key Takeaways:

  • Natural Beauty: Some characters are born lucky, but don't rely solely on genetics.
  • Gym Workouts: A consistent, albeit modest, way to improve looks.
  • Salon and Spa: Budget-friendly options for minor aesthetic boosts.
  • Plastic Surgery: Quick but risky; always vet your surgeon.
  • Alternative Methods: Diet and social life don't directly affect looks but add to the gameplay experience.

How to Increase Looks in BitLife

To increase looks in BitLife, follow this guide for having a better life with a high looks rating:

Natural Beauty: The Gift You're Born With

In the BitLife universe, some characters hit the genetic jackpot of stat, boasting high looks ratings and smarts right from birth. While this boon hinges on sheer luck, it paves the way for a smoother gameplay experience, including snagging famous jobs, and money and elevating your social media presence to become famous in BitLife.

The Gym: A Sweat-Inducing Route

In BitLife, for those not blessed with innate beauty, the gym activities serve as an accessible way to increase looks, an avenue for aesthetic improvement. Starting at age 12, you can engage in this body-boosting activity in BitLife. Yet, don't expect miracles; the uptick in your looks rating will be modest after a time. According to experts, the gym can enhance your looks by a mere 0-4%, a stat corroborated by multiple guides.


Salon and Spa: Pampering for a Glow-Up

In BitLife, a trip to the beauty salon or spa can offer a subtle yet effective to boost your looks rating. From massages to tanning sessions, these activities in BitLife are your go-to for a quick pick-me-up. While they won't make you a runway model overnight, they're relatively easy on the wallet and can add that extra bit of glam to your virtual life in BitLife game.

Plastic Surgery: The Quick but Pricey Path

For those seeking an option of dramatic transformation, plastic surgery stands as the ultimate shortcut that increases appearance in BitLife. Procedures range from Botox to Brazilian Butt Lifts, and they can catapult your looks rating to new heights. Yet, be warned: these surgical escapades can be exorbitant and fraught with peril, especially if you opt for a less-than-stellar plastic surgeon in BitLife games.


The Surgeon's Reputation: A Crucial Factor

Don't skimp on research activities in BitLife; the surgeon's reputation is paramount. A botched operation in plastic surgery can not only drain your finances but also sabotage your look, turning your quest for beauty into a cautionary tale in BitLife game.

Additional Section: Alternative Methods

  • Diet and Lifestyle: While BitLife doesn't explicitly feature diet and lifestyle changes for look improvement, it's a common belief among players a that balanced life will improve overall attractiveness.

  • Relationships and Networking: Surprisingly, having a partner or a robust social circle doesn't directly improve your looks. However, it can enhance your gameplay, making the journey to aesthetic nirvana more enjoyable in BitLife.

In summary

In the BitLife world, enhancing your looks is a multifaceted endeavor. Whether you're sweating it out at the gym, opting for a spa day, or taking the surgical route, each method has its pros and cons. Choose wisely and play strategically to achieve your aesthetic goals.


How do I change my look on BitLife?

In the Appearance section, you have the option to modify various facial features of your character, such as eye color, hairstyle, facial hair, and forehead shape. The attributes section displays standard metrics like Happiness, Health, Intelligence, and Looks.

What does looks affect in BitLife?

High looks, which you inherit from your parents along with intelligence, can land your character any of the high-profile jobs.

Can you increase your looks in BitLife?

Start visiting the Gym as soon as possible and make it a yearly routine. This could potentially boost your Looks by a maximum of 4%, depending on luck. It's generally a reliable method for gradually improving your Looks.