How to Have Triplets in BitLife: Increase Chance of Pregnant With IVF & Artificial Insemination

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 28, 2023

Many people have wondered how to spawn triplets in BitLife, the quirky simulator app. Many Bitizens scour Reddit and forums, seeking the secret sauce for fertility and multiple births. Good news! This article unravels the enigma, diving into IVF treatment and luck factors, offering you a roadmap for achieving that coveted triplet pregnancy. So, if you're keen on expanding your virtual brood, read on!

How to Have Triplets in BitLife: Increase Chance of Pregnant With IVF & Artificial Insemination

Key Takeaways:

  • Triplets Naturally: Age and health are key factors in natural fertility for triplets.
  • Artificial Insemination: Available for females under 50, enhances chances for twins or triplets.
  • In-vitro Fertilization (IVF): Requires virtual currency and a stable relationship, useful for overcoming fertility issues.

How to Have Triplets in BitLife

Want to have triplets in BitLife? Follow this guide for having triplets children in your virtual family:

Natural Pathways for Triplets in BitLife

In BitLife, age, health, and lifestyle choices do play pivotal roles in your quest to have triplets. Age and fertility are tightly linked; women between 20 and 30 are more likely to get triplets in BitLife. Health matters too; regular doctor visits can do boost your chances. Ever tried changing your nickname to something luck-related? It's a quirky trick, but hey, BitLife is full of surprises!


Artificial Insemination: A Scientific Approach

If nature's not on your side, artificial insemination offers a scientific route in BitLife. This method, often discussed on Reddit and YouTube, does involve a doctor and some luck. Take cost varies, but the success rate is decent. Consent from your partner is usually required, adding a layer of complexity to BitLife.

IVF: The Lab-Assisted Miracle

IVF, or in-vitro fertilization, is another high-tech option to have triplets or twins in BitLife. Prerequisites do include a stable relationship and a chunk of virtual currency. IVF treatment can do be a game-changer, especially if you've faced complications or miscarriages in the past. It's like rolling the dice but with higher chance in BitLife.

Tips and Tricks for Triplets' Success in BitLife

Manipulating Game Mechanics

In BitLife, game mechanics do your playground. Tweaking settings like age and health can do influence your fertility in BitLife games. Ever tried changing your nickname to something luck-related? It's a quirky trick, but hey, BitLife is full of surprises!


The Save-Reload Strategy

Ah, the Save-Reload Strategy in BitLife, is a topic often debated on Reddit. Save your game before attempting to get pregnant in BitLife. If you don't get triplets, simply reload. It's a bit cheeky but effective in BitLife.

Utilizing In-Game Currency

BitLife's virtual currency can do be a game-changer. Use it to access advanced treatment options like IVF in BitLife. It might cost you a bit, but if you're gunning for triplets, consider it an investment. Keep an eye on in-app purchases for currency deals in BitLife.

In closing

Navigating the labyrinthine world of BitLife to have triplets involves a blend of luck, strategy, and sometimes, a dash of virtual currency. Whether you opt for natural methods or high-tech interventions, this guide aims to arm you with the tools you need for triplet success in BitLife.

See Also:


What is the oldest you can get pregnant in BitLife?

Remarkably, you can naturally conceive up to the age of 54, although your chances decrease as you age. If you're in a country where surrogacy is allowed, you can still have a child using your eggs and a surrogate, regardless of your age.

How do you get twins and triplets on BitLife?

You can opt for Artificial Insemination, which is only accessible to female characters who are under 45. This method boosts the likelihood of having twins or triplets but comes with some limitations, like needing approval from your partner.

Is there a way to have triplets in BitLife?

In my experience, IVF has been the most effective way to have both twins and triplets. I've had twins several times and triplets on two occasions, even though I don't use this method frequently. It's your best shot for having multiples, although it's not a sure thing.