How to become a vet in Bitlife: Veterinary School, Pets, and the Dr. Dolittle Vocation!

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 24, 2023

Are you curious about how to become a veterinarian in BitLife? You're not the only one. Many aspire to heal pets and tackle the challenges of veterinary school. However, the road's fraught with hurdles like chemistry classes, student loans, and the quest for scholarships. Fret not! This article unravels the conundrum, guiding you through high school to university, and finally landing that coveted vet gig.

How to become a vet in Bitlife: Veterinary School, Pets, and the Dr. Dolittle Vocation!

Key takeaways:

  1. Character Creation: Intelligence is vital; focus on mind and body activities.
  2. Educational Path: High school to college, focusing on Biology or Chemistry, and engaging in intellectual activities.
  3. Veterinary School: Apply without delay and concentrate on swift completion.
  4. Job Search: Look for Jr. Veterinarian positions and understand the need to age up or restart if necessary.
  5. Benefits: Access to hospital, initial funds, free care for pets, discounts at pet stores, good pay, and fulfillment in working with animals.

How to Become a Vet in BitLife

Don't you know how to Become a Vet in BitLife? Follow this guide and complete the requirements to become a veterinarian:

Creating the Ideal Character with Intelligence

In BitLife games, the journey to becoming a veterinarian begins with creating the right character. Intelligence is the primary attribute to focus on like Writer or Pilot, so select a character with the highest Smarts stat in BitLife. Other attributes like appearance are less relevant in this career path.

Engage in activities that boost intellect, such as visiting the library and reading books. These mind and body activities will set the foundation for your future career as a vet in BitLife games.


From Medical School to College: Chemistry, Biology,...

The path to becoming a vet requires a strong educational pathways foundation. Start by aging up and attending school, focusing time on academic excellence. Make sure to "Study Harder" every year to excel in high school. Engage in co-curricular activities that boost intellect, like Chess Club, Debate Clubs, and Student Council.

After finishing school time, enroll in college or university, selecting Chemistry or Biology as your major. If you've been good in school, you may also qualify for a scholarship at university. Maintain academic focus and participate in extracurriculars to enhance your chances of receiving scholarships. After college or university, apply for Veterinary School without delay, concentrating on swift completion of the program in BitLife games.

The Path to Veterinary School

After get graduating from university with a major in Biology or Chemistry, the path to veterinary school in BitLife becomes clear. Focusing on these relevant subjects in vet school is crucial to complete college. Applying for Veterinary School without delay is the next step, and it may require restarting the app if the option doesn't appear. Concentrating on swift completion of the veterinary medicine program is essential, and this might involve studying hard and maintaining good grades. Tuition isn't cheap, so having enough money, applying for a loan, or having parents pay for it is necessary in BitLife games.


Finding the Right Profession: Jr. Veterinarian

Once you graduate from Veterinary School, the search for the right job opportunity post-graduation begins. To be a Vet in BitLife games, you can open the jobs section and start looking for a Veterinary position, including the Jr. Vet or the regular Vet. Applying for a Jr. Veterinarian position is a common starting point, and answering the interview question wisely, showing them that you work for animal care, is key. Understanding the need for a Vet to age up or restart if necessary is part of the process, as it may take time and effort to find the perfect place to be a veterinarian and position at the veterinary clinic.

Benefits of Becoming a Veterinarian in BitLife

Becoming a veterinarian in BitLife is a rewarding choice. You'll gain access to the hospital and an initial $500,000 for personal use. Free veterinary care for personal pets and discounts at pet stores are added perks in BitLife.

The pay is good, and the job brings happiness and fulfillment, especially in caring for animals. The ease and rewards of this career path make it an attractive option for animal lovers, offering both financial benefits and the joy of helping sick or injured animals in BitLife.


In closing

Going on the journey to become a veterinarian in BitLife is a fulfilling adventure of the Dolittle challenge. Follow the guides, and you'll enjoy a rewarding career filled with financial benefits and the heartfelt satisfaction of caring for animals. It's a path that offers both challenge and joy for BitLife players of all ages.

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Why can't I become a vet in BitLife?

The key to becoming a vet in BitLife lies in possessing a high level of intelligence. To gain entry into a reputable university and specialize in Biology, it's crucial to excel in school from an early age and achieve impressive grades. If Biology doesn't appear as a choice for specialization, players may need to restart the app and inspect the list of specializations once more.

What do you go to college for to be a vet in BitLife?

In the pursuit of becoming a vet in BitLife, players should select either Biology or Chemistry, provided these options are available. Opportunities for scholarships might arise, offering free tuition. If not, student loans or financial assistance from parents could be sought. Upon completing university studies, players can then proceed to apply for Veterinary school.

What do you have to major in to be a vet in BitLife?

To become a vet in the mobile game BitLife, players must opt for Biology as their major during their university years. Sticking with this subject for the entire four-year period is essential. Additionally, players should consistently read and push themselves to study more diligently, maintaining their intelligence and readying themselves for the final phase of their education.