How to Become A Pilot in BitLife: From Co-Pilot to Airline Captain!

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 21, 2023

The journey to becoming an airline captain in BitLife is long and challenging, but it is a goal that is achievable with hard work and dedication. Many Bitizens are keen to earn their pilot license, yet find themselves lost in a labyrinth of stats and flight school options. Fear not, aviator wannabes! This walkthrough aims to untangle the complexities, guiding you from co-pilot obscurity to the coveted captain's seat. With a smidgen of luck and the right perks, you'll be airborne in no time.

How to Become A Pilot in BitLife: From Co-Pilot to Airline Captain!

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on education and smart stats
  • Save money for flight school
  • Prepare well for the pilot's license test
  • Pursue the career path diligently

How to Become a Pilot in BitLife 

Many players struggle with how to become a pilot in BitLife. Let's follow the guide to becoming a pilot in BitLife:

Step 1: Importance of Smart Stats in BitLife

  • Focus on intelligence and studying: To be a pilot in BitLife, your character's Smart stat plays a vital role. Engage in activities like Writer such as attending school, studying harder, visiting the library, doing the memory test, and reading books.

Step 2: Education Path

  • BitLife High School activities: Join clubs like Debate Club and Student Council.
  • BitLife University and Graduate School: Pursue degrees like business, medical, or biology in University. Scholarships and part-time jobs can aid in funding.
  • BitLife Flight School and Pilot's License: 40 hours of flying lessons are a must. The pilot's license test awaits thereafter.

Step 3: Flight School and Pilot's License

  • 40 hours of flying lessons: This is the minimum requirement for becoming a pilot.
  • BitLife Pilot's license test: Costs around $1000, depending on your region.
  • Costs associated with lessons and tests: Save money through part-time jobs to cover these expenses.

Career Path and Progression

Finding a Pilot Trainnee Job

  • Searching for Pilot Trainee job: Look under the full-time job listings for "Pilot Trainee." If it doesn't appear, age up and keep checking.
  • Age limitations of BitLife pilots: Be mindful of age, as pilot jobs rarely appear once you're above 30.

Career Progression in BitLife

  • Working hard, promotions: Start as a Pilot Trainee, work harder to increase performance, and receive promotions.
  • Co-Pilot, Pilot, Airline Captain, Chief Pilot: These are the progression stages. Each promotion comes with a salary boost.
  • Airline Salary boosts: With each new role, expect a major bump in your earnings.

Challenges and Tips

  • Rare career path: Finding a pilot career job might take time.
  • Strategies for finding the job: Keep checking the job listings, age up if needed, and don't overlook lower-paying jobs.
  • Importance of serious interview answers: Be professional and serious in your interviews to land the job.

Pilot License Test Answers in BitLife

Questions and Answers

1. Question: What is the force that counteracts the drag force for flight? 

Answer: Thrust

2. Question: What is the force that counteracts the thrust force for flight? 

Answer: Drag

3. Question: What is the name of this flap on the vertical stabilizer? 

Answer: Rudder

4. Question: What is the name of this flap on the horizontal stabilizer? 

Answer: Elevator

5. Question: What's the name of the pilot's area on the plane? 

Answer: Cockpit

6. Question: What's the term for the rotational movement of the nose of the plane? 

Answer: Roll

7. Question: What is the nickname for the six basic aircraft instruments? 

Answer: The Six Pack

8. Question: What does this airfield landing marker indicate? 

Answer: Land Cautiously, Emergency Landing Only, Landing Prohibited

9. Question: What is this aircraft marshal signaling? 

Answer: Stop, Continue Straight, Turn Left

10. Question: What is the name of this pitot-static instrument? 

Answer: Vertical Speed Indicator, Altimeter

11. Question: What is the name of this gyroscopic instrument? 

Answer: Lean Indicator, Heading Indicator


Strategies for Success

  • Tips for passing the test: become a pilot in BitLife, study the test license questions and answers, understand the basics of flight, airline, and recognize key parts of the aircraft.
  • Costs and savings strategies: The test license costs around $960, so save money through part-time jobs or other means.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on a pilot's journey in BitLife game is an exhilarating adventure filled with challenges, learning, and fulfillment. Follow the guides to navigate your way to the skies and achieve your aviation dreams.

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How do you get qualified for a job in BitLife?

Wanna land a job in BitLife? Check the job description and make sure you've got what it takes. That usually means the right mix of schooling and work experience. Sometimes, you can even throw in a portfolio or personal website to show off what you've done before. Cool, huh?

How do I take a pilot test on BitLife?

First things first, graduate from university. Then, head over to Activities > Licences and get those 40 hours of flying lessons in. After that, you're all set to take that test (and pass it, thanks to this guide).

What degree do you need to become a pilot in BitLife?

In BitLife, snagging that pilot's license means hitting the university and clocking in 40 hours at flight school. Your degree choice? Doesn't matter, but it's a good safety net if you ever hang up your captain's hat for a different gig.