How to Become a Musician in BitLife: From Solo Artist to Pop Star Audition

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 28, 2023

If you've ever wanted to live the life of a K-pop star, BitLife is the game for you. Here's how to become one. Amidst a sea of video games, BitLife stands out as a unique platform where you can explore diverse genres of music. The conundrum lies in navigating the labyrinth of skill development, auditions, and record labels. Fear not! This guide serves as your backstage pass, elucidating steps for mastering the guitar, acing voice lessons, and even forming a band.

How to Become a Musician in BitLife: From Solo Artist to Pop Star Audition

Key takeaways: 

  • Reach 18 and Graduate: Your BitLife character must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma to unlock musician careers.
  • Job Selection Tab: Navigate to this tab to search for musician-related careers.
  • Musician Tag: Look for jobs specifically tagged as "Musician" for relevant opportunities.
  • Solo or Band: You have the flexibility to choose between being a solo act or joining a band.

Start learning instrument

The Early Years: Striking the First Chord

  • Choosing Your Instrument at Six

In BitLife, you can start learning a musical instrument as early as age 6 by visiting the Activities tab and selecting your instrument of choice. At this young age, it's best to start with an easily accessible instrument like the piano or guitar. More complex instruments like the violin may prove frustrating initially in BitLife.

  • Convincing Your Parents

Once you've chosen your instrument, you'll need your parents' permission and financial support for lessons. Appeal to their interests - emphasize how playing an instrument builds discipline, creativity, and academic skills. Cite studies showing music helps cognitive development. With persistence, they'll likely cave in BitLife.

  • Practicing: The Key to Mastery

Regular practice skill and voice is crucial for progress. Aim for daily sessions of at least 30-60 minutes. Consistency leads to exponential growth. Turn off distractions, set goals, and don't get discouraged. Mastering an instrument takes years, but small victories along the way fuel passion in BitLife.

The Transition: From Amateur to Pro

  • Hitting 18: A Pivotal Moment

At 18, the training wheels come off. You'll now need to finance lessons yourself. Seek scholarships, apply for financial aid, or get a part-time job. This investment in your future pays dividends down the road. Stay focused on your musical dreams in BitLife.

  • Financing Your Lessons

Beyond scholarships and jobs, you can crowdsource funds for lessons. Platforms like GoFundMe allow you to share your talent and passion with a wider audience. Offer tiered perks for different donation levels. Host live-streams showing your progress. Be creative and persistent in BitLife.

  • Diversifying Your Skills

While specializing is important, diversifying makes you more marketable. Try picking up a second harmony instrument like the guitar if your first was piano. Or explore instruments outside your comfort zone like strings or brass. More skills mean more opportunities down the road in BitLife.


How to Become a Musician in Bitlife?

The Big Leap: Career Choices

  • Solo or Band: The Eternal Question

Around age 18-22 is the chance for you to become a Musician in BitLife. Do you want to go solo artist or join a band? Assess your preferences. Solo artist retains creative control but must handle everything themselves. Bands share duties but involve compromise. Neither path is easy, do what inspires you most to become a musician in BitLife.

  • Auditioning for Record Labels

When ready to go pro as musician, audition for a record label in BitLife. Success depends on skills, so keep honing your craft. Bring passion and authenticity to auditions - impress them with both technical ability and stage presence. Getting signed is life-changing, but remember labels want what sells. Stay true to your vision in BitLife.

  • Skill Level: Your Golden Ticket

Raw talent as musician matters, but skill level is critical for going pro. Aim for at least 75% mastery in your main instrument(s). The higher your skills, the more likely labels take interest. But skills alone won't cut it - bring energy, charisma and persistence. Landing a deal takes the complete package in BitLife games.


The Hustle: Life as a Musician

  • Album Releases and Tours

Once signed contract as musician, your new life begins. Prepare for album deadlines, rehearsals, promotions, and tours. Success requires serious hustle. Release quality music consistently and tour relentlessly. This grind can be draining, but embracing the ride leads to famous. Have goals, but enjoy the journey in BitLife games.

  • Keeping Up with Bandmates

For bands, chemistry is crucial - work cohesively towards shared goals. But band dynamics can be challenging. Communicate openly when issues arise. Compromise where possible, but don't suppress your voice. Value friendship, but remember you all share responsibility for success in BitLife.

  • The Solo Route: Kazoo and Beyond

If you go solo, the pressure falls on you. Work tirelessly on writing, recording, gigs, promotions - handling it all. Enlist trusted friends to support you, but be selective. Too many opinions spoil the broth. Solo artists have freedom, but the hustle is nonstop. Pace yourself for the marathon ahead in BitLife games.

Tips and Tricks: Navigating the Music Biz

  • Relationship Management

The music industry revolves around relationships. Nurture connections with fans, collaborators, singers, industry folks. Make genuine bonds, not just strategic links. At the same time, know when to ditch toxic relationships. Surround yourself with those who bring out your best in BitLife.

  • Yearly Goals: No Time to Slack

Set clear musical goals each year. Target specific skills to hone, songs to write, gigs to land. Break bigger goals into smaller milestones. Review and revise plans regularly. There's always room for growth. Slowing down means getting left behind. Great artists never stop pushing their craft in BitLife.

All things considered

Embarking on a musical journey requires passion, persistence, and grit. Master your instrument, hone your craft, make connections - then work tirelessly. Stay true to your vision and remember why you started. With focus and drive, your rockstar dreams can become reality in BitLife.

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How do you get 100% singing voice in BitLife?

To fully develop your singing ability, go for voice lessons about 3-4 times annually. This gradual training will boost your vocal skills, enhancing your prospects in both band and solo careers.

Why can't I become a singer in BitLife?

You need to start taking vocal lessons found under the Activities > Mind & Body section as early as age six. The sooner you max out this skill, the better your chances are.

Why is it so hard to become a Musician in BitLife?

Becoming a musician in BitLife requires you to be at least 18 and have strong skills in an instrument or vocals. Without these, landing a record deal as a solo artist becomes quite challenging.