How to Become a Model in Bitlife: Stats, Runway Glory to Supermodel Stardom!

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 22, 2023

Do you want to know how to make the journey from high school student to supermodel in BitLife? Navigating the runway of life ain't a cakewalk. You gotta focus on stats like happiness and brains, not just your gym routine. The secret sauce? This article spills the tea on how to morph into a runway model, hand model, or even a lingerie star. Unlock perks and boost your luck as we guide you through the maze.

How to Become a Model in Bitlife: Stats, Runway Glory to Supermodel Stardom!

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on appearance and health
  • Start as a foot model
  • Utilize in-game features
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Strive for continuous growth and fame

Type of Model in BitLife

In BitLife, where you can explore a career in fashion, five distinct types of models await your discovery:

  • Foot Model
  • Hand Model
  • Catalogue Model
  • Lingerie Model
  • Runway Model

How to Become a Model in BitLife

Wondered how to become a model in BitLife? This is the best guide for your character to join the modeling career:

Step 1: Important of High-look Stats BitLife Model

  • Appearance plays a pivotal role, especially if your character aims to be a model in Bitlife. High-look stats are essential for becoming a model in BitLife.
  • Enhancing one's looks can be achieved through various means, including grooming and plastic surgery. Increasing your high look is essential to become a model in BitLife.

Step 2: Maintaining Physical Wellness in BitLife

  • Regular exercise routines and a balanced diet are key for a model. Joining a gym and focusing on physique can make a difference.
  • Health isn't just about looks; it's about overall well-being. In BitLife, maintaining good health is vital for a successful modeling career.

Step 3: Initiating a Job as a Foot Model Requirements

  • Opportunities abound in BitLife. Starting at age 18, check the full-time job listings for the "Foot Model" career. Apply and work hard to rise to fame as a model.
  • Building a portfolio is essential. Utilize BitLife's features, such as the Hollywood Star item, to boost your career and become famous instantly without extra effort requirements.

Step 4: Advancing from Foot Modeling in BitLife

  • In BitLife, networking and gaining exposure are vital. Progressing from a foot model, your character can become a hand model, catalog model, lingerie model, and finally a runway model.
  • Opportunities for growth are abundant. By working hard each year, your character can progress through the job all the way to becoming a famous supermodel and keep earning money to be a billionaire.

Step 5: Striving for Supermodel in BitLife

  • Dedication and perseverance are key. Use the "work hard" option under the job menu, and you'll eventually reach the final stage of the modeling career.
  • Achieving fame and recognition in BitLife as a supermodel is the ultimate goal. Once your character reaches this stage, you'll grace the pages of magazines and style the hottest fashion as a model as one of highest paying job in BitLife.

Strategies for Success

Unveiling Secrets for Success

  • Utilizing in-game features: In BitLife, the model career starts with a foot model job. Shuffle the jobs by closing and reopening the games or advancing to the next year. This can help your character find the foot model job and start your modeling career.
  • Leveraging social connections: Engage with parents, go to the library, meditate, and participate in activities during elementary and high school. These actions help maintain character stats, essential for a modeling career.

Avoiding Pitfalls

  • Common mistakes and how to dodge them: Avoid unnecessary education qualifications, as they don't matter for this career. Focus on looks, happiness, and health over 90%, and don't hesitate to start again if the stats are not favorable.
  • Ensuring a smooth career progression: Be patient and flexible with job availability. Your character may start as a dancer or voiceover actor before the foot model job appears. Keep shuffling the jobs until you find the right opportunity.


Beginning on a modeling career in BitLife is an exciting journey filled with opportunities and challenges. With the right guides, strategies, and perseverance, anyone can achieve stardom and fame in the virtual game world of modeling.

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How do you become a next top model on BitLife?

To win BitLife's Next Top Model Challenge, you need to:

  1. Join the high school Mean Girls clique.
  2. Become a famous runway model.
  3. Get your fame above 90%.
  4. Write a book about your modeling career.
  5. Do a nude photoshoot.

How do I become a runway model in BitLife?

Make sure your Looks and Health are high, and look for the Foot Model job when you turn 18. If your stats are good, you'll get an interview with a random question. Pick the best answer, and if you nail it, you'll become a model in BitLife.

How do I be a model in BitLife?

Once you're done with school, keep an eye out for the Foot Model job in the job listings. Get that job, work hard, and you'll eventually get promoted to Runway model. When you reach that stage, you'll get famous and enjoy perks like brand deals and photoshoots.