How to Become a Judge in Bitlife: A Law Degree Guide from Brooklyn High School to Law Firm

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 24, 2023

If you're tired of being a lawyer, here's how to become a magistrate in Bitlife. Many Bitizens are baffled by the labyrinthine path from law firm associate to judge. The journey starts as early as high school and involves mastering subjects like criminal justice and political science. Fret not, for this walkthrough aims to unravel the mystery, offering a simulator guide to boost your stats and land you that coveted judge seat.

How to Become a Judge in Bitlife: A Law Degree Guide from Brooklyn High School to Law Firm

Key Takeaways:

  • Attend Law school and finish college.
  • Become a Lawyer, and gain 30 years of legal experience.
  • Apply for the Judge position.
  • Work hard and maintain high smarts.

Requirement to Become a Judge

The way to become a judge or magistrate in BitLife has several in-game requirements, you can find it a little difficult:

Educational Qualifications

To become a judge in Bitlife, one must pursue a path filled with education. Start by completing high school, then head to college and select Criminal Justice as your major. If it's not on the list, restart the game to shuffle the choices. After successfully finishing college, apply to Law School. This educational journey to be a judge in BitLife lays the foundation for your legal career.


Legal Experience and Skills

After completing Law School, find a job as a Junior Associate. Work diligently to get your first promotion, and take the Lawyer role when offered. Grind it for three decades. After 30 years of legal experience, you might get a job offer to be a Magistrate. This is the last step before becoming a Judge.

Ethical Considerations and Personal Attributes

Becoming a Judge in Bitlife requires more than just education and experience. You must also maintain high smarts and lead a healthy lifestyle. Visit the library often, study a lot, and ensure that your character has a long lifespan to perform the role of a Judge.

In-game Requirements and Challenges

In Bitlife, becoming a Judge is a challenging task. You must max out your Smarts as early as possible, and if your character receives low Smarts at birth, consider rerolling the entire character. The journey to becoming a Judge takes decades of work, so patience and persistence are key.

How to Become a Lawyer

Become a lawyer in BitLife is one of steps to becoming a judge, you might want to have some tips to maintain yourself in being a lawyer


Choosing the Right Educational Path

To become a lawyer in Bitlife, start by attending college with a degree in Criminal Justice. This degree is essential to apply to Law School. Once you graduate from college, you can find Law School under the Education tab in Bitlife.

Gaining Legal Experience and Skills

After finishing Law School, look for a job as a Junior Associate. Work harder each year to get promoted quickly. Age up and keep working hard, gaining promotions until you reach a total of 30 years as a lawyer. This experience is vital to become a Judge later on.

Applying for a Lawyer's Position in Bitlife

When you finish Law School, it's time to look for a job. Go to the job menu and find the Junior Associate option. Make sure to work hard every year to get promoted a lot quicker than you normally would.

Tips for Success in the Legal Profession within the Game

To excel in the legal profession in Bitlife, maintain high smarts by going to the library, reading books, and studying harder in school. Stay at the same Law firm for years, and you can check how long you've been there by clicking on the Job menu and then tapping on the performance tab. By following these steps, you can climb the ladder and pursue a judicial career path.

How to Become a Judge in Bitlife

Become a judge requires learning and working in the law firm experience, Let's figure it out:


Step 1: Attend Law School

Selecting law as a major: In Bitlife, aspiring judges must first embark on a legal education. Choosing English or Political Science as a major in college paves the way for law school.

Excelling in law school within Bitlife: Achieving high smarts stats, visiting the library, and studying hard every turn are essential. Graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice will allow you to apply for law school.

Importance of education in pursuing a judicial career: Education forms the foundation of a legal career in Bitlife. Without the right qualifications, the path to becoming a judge remains closed.

Step 2: Complete Your Legal Education

Graduating from law school: After obtaining an undergraduate degree in English or Political Science, apply for law school. Maintain high smarts stats and work hard to graduate.

Further education and specialization if required: Specialization in areas like criminal law may enhance your career prospects.

Preparing for a legal career in Bitlife: Your journey in the legal profession begins with a law degree. It's the first step towards a fulfilling and powerful career as a judge.

Step 3: Secure Employment at a Law Firm

Applying for positions: Look for positions like Junior Associate in law firms. Work hard every year to climb the ladder.

Building a legal career within the game: Spend 30 years in the legal field, gaining experience and promotions.

Importance of networking and reputation: Building a strong reputation and networking within the legal community can fast-track your career.

Step 4: Gain 30 Years of Legal Experience

Working diligently in the legal field: Dedication and hard work for 30 years in a law firm are prerequisites for applying for a magistrate position.

Gaining experience and skills within Bitlife: Your experience as a lawyer shapes your skills, making you eligible for higher positions.

Preparing for a judge's position: These 30 years are a preparation phase, honing your skills and understanding of the legal system.

Step 5: Apply for the Judge's Position

Meeting the in-game requirements: After 30 years as a lawyer, look for the Magistrate job option and apply.

Applying for the judge's position: If you manage to get the Magistrate job, work hard every year, just like you did as a lawyer.

Tips for securing the appointment: Maintain high smarts stats, attend team meetings, and tour while working in a law firm. After a few years, you will get promoted to a Judge position in Bitlife. And maybe you can become a Chef Justice - one of the best ways to become a billionaire.

Signing Out

Becoming a judge in Bitlife is a rewarding but challenging journey. It requires dedication, education, and decades of hard work. Follow this guide, and you can preside over the courtroom in your virtual life.

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What do you have to major in to become a judge in BitLife?

After finishing High School, go to college and select "Criminal Justice" as your major. If it's not available, restart the game to change the options.

Why am I unqualified for law school BitLife?

Pick a major like English, Political Science, or History when you go to university. Age up if these aren't options. If your intelligence isn't high, you might be rejected for law school. Keep your intelligence up by going to the library and reading.

How do I go to law school in BitLife?

To become a lawyer or judge in BitLife, you need high intelligence stats and a relevant degree. Ensure your intelligence is near 100 before starting.