How to Become a Doctor in BitLife: Training, Skills, and Getting that White Coat

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 26, 2023

Are you interested in the medical career options in BitLife? Navigating the labyrinth of higher education, stats, and tuition fees often bewilders aspiring physicians. Fear not! This guide elucidates the path, from high school to medical school, revealing how to snag that coveted scholarship and master biology and chemistry. Your journey to donning a white coat in this simulator starts here.

How to Become a Doctor in BitLife: Training, Skills, and Getting that White Coat

Key takeaways:

  • Smart Rating: Secure a rating of at least 80% for eligibility in higher education.
  • University: Opt for a degree in biology or chemistry; these are your medical career building blocks.
  • Medical School: Apply timely, keep stats high. Some even restart the game for desired majors.
  • Job Choices: Specializations vary; your major influences job listings.

Requirements for a Medical Career in BitLife

Going on a medical career in BitLife is no small feat. To even qualify for the journey, you'll need a smart rating of at least 80%. This is crucial as a Judge because your smarts dictate your eligibility for higher education and, eventually, medical school. 

But smarts alone won't cut it. You'll also need a university degree in either biology or chemistry. These are the foundational blocks upon which your medical career will be built. So, if you're eyeing that physician or surgeon position, better start flexing those brain muscles early on.

The Academic Pathway: From University to Medical School

Higher education is not just a checkbox in BitLife; it's the cornerstone of your medical career path. After graduating from high school, you'll need to apply to a university. But not just any university; aim for one that offers biology or chemistry as majors. 

These subjects are your gateway to medical school. Once in university, you'll need to maintain high grades and keep those smarts up. This is where the real grind begins, setting the stage for your entry into medical school.


Choosing the Right Major

The major you choose in university is more than just a subject; it's the bedrock of your medical career. Opting for biology will give you a strong grounding in human anatomy, genetics, and physiology. 

On the other hand, chemistry will arm you with the knowledge needed for drug formulation and understanding chemical reactions, crucial for roles like pharmacists or research scientists. Your major will significantly influence your future job listings, so choose wisely.

Medical School Admission

Securing a spot in medical school is akin to conquering the final boss level in a video game. It's challenging but not unattainable. Your application needs to be timely, and your stats, especially smarts, need to be high. 

Some players even restart the game to shuffle their options until they get the desired major. Once you're in, the real challenge begins—maintaining your grades while also keeping an eye out for scholarship opportunities.


Thriving in Medical School

Surviving medical school is not just about cramming and passing board examinations. You'll need a well-rounded strategy that includes regular visits to the library, watching documentaries to boost your smarts, and even engaging in extracurricular activities to enhance your resume. 

Some players also recommend checking out the job listings regularly to understand the requirements for higher medical positions like brain surgeon or physician. This will help you tailor your education and skills accordingly.

The Job Hunt: Securing a Medical Position

You've aced your exams, and survived the rigors of medical school, and now you're on the brink of the real deal: landing a job. This is the final, yet crucial, phase of your medical journey in BitLife. It's not just about applying everywhere; it's about strategic moves, networking, and showcasing your skills.

Types of Medical Careers

In BitLife simulation, you can become more than just a general physician. Specializations range from brain surgeon to dentist, and each comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. Your choice of specialization will depend on your interests, your educational background, and sometimes even your stats.

  1. Family Physician: A good starting point for most medical graduates.
  2. Brain Surgeon: Requires additional years of study but pays well.
  3. Dentist: Less demanding in terms of educational requirements.
  4. Psychiatrist: Requires a focus on psychology during your educational years.

The Application Process

When you're ready to apply for jobs, BitLife offers a job listings section. Here, you'll find various medical positions available, each with its own set of requirements.

  1. Resume Building: Before hitting that 'Apply' button, ensure your resume is up-to-date. Include all your educational qualifications, internships, and any extracurricular activities that make you stand out.
  2. Interview Prep: BitLife simulates interview questions that you must answer correctly to secure the job. These questions often relate to real-life medical scenarios or ethical dilemmas.
  3. Salary Negotiation: Once you've passed the interview, you'll have the option to negotiate your salary. This is where your stats can give you an edge. Higher stats often lead to better salary offers.

Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Doctors

So, you've navigated the labyrinthine corridors of higher education and are on the brink of donning that white coat. But hold your stethoscope! There's more to this game. While academic prowess is non-negotiable, other facets of your life need attention too. Let's delve into some nifty strategies that can elevate your medical career in BitLife.

Skill Enhancement Activities

Libraries and Documentaries: In BitLife, you can't just rely on your university education. Frequent visits to the library can give your smarts a much-needed boost. Also, don't overlook the option to watch documentaries. 

Extracurriculars: Join clubs like the Chess Club or Student Council. While it's not confirmed, these activities might help you snag a scholarship and keep stress levels in check.


Managing Relationships

Social Life: You can't operate in a vacuum. Maintaining good relationships with your parents might open doors to financial help. Suggests making friends with your coworkers to further your career.

Work-Life Balance: BitLife is a simulator that doesn't shy away from the complexities of real life. Your Bitizen needs to be well-rounded. So, hit the gym, meditate, and spend quality time with your family.

As a final point

In the world of BitLife, becoming a doctor is no small feat. It demands academic rigor, strategic planning, and a knack for managing relationships. With these tips and tricks, you're well-equipped to navigate the labyrinth of medical careers. So, go ahead, make your mark in the virtual healthcare world!

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Why can't I go to medical school in BitLife?

If med school eludes you in BitLife, it's likely due to your choice of major. Science-focused degrees like Chemistry, Biology, or Nursing are prerequisites. These become available after you wrap up high school and venture into higher education.

What degree do you need to be a brain surgeon in BitLife?

Embark on a college journey with Biology as your major. After snagging that degree, aim for advanced studies. Once medical school becomes a part of your past, job applications are your next step.

What is the best doctor in BitLife?

In BitLife, the Medical Doctor reigns supreme for treating ailments, far outpacing the Witch Doctor in effectiveness. Opting for a Medical Doctor offers the most reliable route for health restoration.

How do I get into BitLife medical school?

To secure a spot in BitLife's medical school, you'll first need to pick an apt major like Biology or Psychology during your university years. Earning a bachelor's in one of these fields boosts your odds of landing a med school seat.

What should I major in to become a doctor in BitLife?

For a medical career in BitLife, opt for Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology as your major. If these choices aren't on offer, reboot the app for a fresh set of options. After university, your journey leads you straight to med school.