How to Become a CEO in BitLife: 4 Steps for Climbing from High School to the Top Office

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 25, 2023

Are you interested in learning how to climb the corporate ladder in BitLife? From high school to the boardroom, the journey to CEO status brims with choices. You'll navigate finance, university education, and even part-time jobs. This article unravels the mystery, offering a roadmap to go from a nickname in the schoolyard to the boss of startup businesses. Get ready to unlock the secrets and make virtual money like a pro.

How to Become a CEO in BitLife: 4 Steps for Climbing from High School to the Top Office

Key takeaways:

  • Maintain Smarts at 80% or higher.
  • Concentrate on enhancing all attributes except Fertility.
  • Choose to study Finance, Economics, Marketing, or a related business field in College/University.
  • Work diligently in school, as failure can greatly obstruct your path to becoming CEO.

How to become a CEO in BitLife

Going on the journey to become a CEO in BitLife is an exciting adventure that mirrors the real-world corporate ladder. It's a path filled with strategic decisions, education, and hard work. Here's how you can guide your character to top-earning BitLife professions.

Step 1: Building Your Persona of a CEO

Creating the right character for a business career

In BitLife, your character's success starts with a smart rating of at least 70. Focus on education and personal development by attending class, visiting the library, and paying attention to your studies. Being born to educated parents, such as doctors or CEOs, can also give your character a head start. Engaging in part-time jobs or freelancing early in life can help your character start making money, an essential aspect in BitLife.

Importance of education and personal development

Maintaining both physical and mental health is crucial. Start working your job and working out at the gym to keep your health and intelligence at least 80%. Building a good relationship with your parents and participating in extracurricular activities can lead to scholarships, easing your financial burdens in BitLife.


Step 2: Pursuing Higher Education in Business School for CEO

Selecting the right university and major

After high school, look for a business school or college to continue your character study to become a CEO. Pursue a degree at school in an associated field like financemarketing, or economics. If you're not well off, having excellent intelligence and asking for a scholarship will help your character avoid financial hardships in BitLife.

Importance of graduating from business school

Graduating from business school qualifies you for corporate employment. Apply to business school after completing your undergraduate degree in a business-related major such as economics, finance, or marketing. If your scholarship application at school is turned down, consider working a part-time job or asking your family for financial assistance in BitLife.


Step 3: Going on a Corporate with other CEO

Finding the right entry-level job

Starting your ambition corporate in BitLife requires selecting the right entry-level job position for years. After completing your education in a business-related field like FinanceEconomics, or Marketing, look for a corporate job such as Assistant Vice President. This initial job sets the stage for your climb up the corporate ladder to becoming a CEO.

Understanding the corporate ladder in BitLife

In BitLife, the corporate ladder is a realistic representation of real-life career progression. You'll need to gain experience from your job, work hard for years, and make strategic decisions to move up the ranks. From Assistant Vice President job to First Vice PresidentSenior Vice PresidentExecutive Vice President, and finally CEO position, each job requires dedication and strategy in BitLife.


Step 4: Climbing from Assistant Vice President to Top Executive Job to CEO

Strategies for promotion within the company

To climb from Assistant Vice President to CEO in BitLife, your character must:

  • Work hard in your current position for years
  • Focus on maxing out all your attributes, including at least 80% Smarts
  • Boost your Smarts if required by going to Graduate School in BitLife
  • Follow the career path: Assistant Vice President First Vice President > Senior Vice President > Executive Vice President > Managing Director > CEO

This process takes at least 15 in-game years, and there are no shortcuts.

Navigating the path from assistant vice president to CEO

Becoming a CEO in BitLife is not just about working hard for years; it's about making the right choices at the right time. Ensure that your character:

  • Study consistently in college and Business School
  • Choose a degree that teaches about business management in BitLife
  • Apply to Business School after graduating college
  • Start as an Assistant Vice President and follow the specific career path to CEO

The entire process is a simulation of real-life career growth, and each job is crucial in achieving the top job of CEO.


Advantages of Being a Top Executive in BitLife

To become a CEO in BitLife not only offers a thrilling virtual experience but also provides insights into the real-world corporate ladder as president. The benefits of reaching this pinnacle in the game are multifaceted and extend beyond mere financial gains.

CEO Compensation in BitLife

  • Salary and Other Financial Rewards: As a CEO in BitLife, players can rake in between $200k and $250k, positioning themselves among the wealthiest virtual characters. This substantial income can be further leveraged into smart investments, potentially leading to billionaire status.
  • Comparing CEO Earnings with Other Positions: The earning potential of a CEO in BitLife far surpasses other roles within the game. The financial rewards are a reflection of the hard work, strategic thinking, and perseverance required to reach this top position in BitLife.

Additional Perks and Achievements

  • Non-Monetary Benefits of Being a CEO: Beyond the attractive salary of a billionaire, being a CEO in BitLife offers other perks just like a President. Maintaining high levels of health and intelligence, engaging in part-time jobs or freelancing, and making wise investments are all part of the enriching experience. The game emphasizes the importance of a balanced life, where physical health is as vital as mental acumen.
  • Achievements and Recognition Within the Game: The journey to becoming a CEO in BitLife is filled with milestones and achievements. From climbing the corporate ladder to managing the responsibilities of the top job, players gain recognition and a sense of accomplishment. The virtual experience mirrors the real-life challenges and triumphs of a corporate leader, making it an engaging and educational simulation in BitLife.


Becoming a CEO in BitLife offers a rewarding virtual experience, mirroring real-world corporate dynamics. From financial gains to personal development, the journey provides valuable insights and achievements. It's a game that challenges, educates, and entertains, making the path to the top an engaging adventure in BitLife.

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How do I join BitLife Business School?

After finishing University and graduating, you'll have choices like finding a job or taking a break. Opt for higher education, and from the options, pick Business School.

What jobs in BitLife make you a CEO?

Boost your Smarts if needed, and attend Graduate School. Then, land a job as an Assistant Vice President, requiring a Business School degree. Work diligently as an Assistant Vice President and you'll progress to First Vice President, Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, and finally CEO.

Why can't I become CEO in BitLife?

To be BitLife's CEO, you need to attend business school and find work in a corporate field.

Can you run your own business in BitLife?

Once the Business Job Pack is unlocked, you can initiate and manage your own business as CEO by navigating to Special Careers and then Business.