Barbie Challenge Bitlife: From Honey Mansion to Plastic Surgery

By Melissa Sarnowski | August 23, 2023

The Barbie Challenge in BitLife has captured the attention of gamers and news outlets alike. This unique quest combines elements of plastic surgery, high fashion, and property ownership, specifically a mansion, to emulate a Barbie-like lifestyle. If you're puzzled about how to navigate this challenge, this guide offers comprehensive strategies to help you succeed.

Barbie Challenge Bitlife: From Honey Mansion to Plastic Surgery

Key Takeaways

  • Character Creation: Focus on high looks; gym and sports can help.
  • Plastic Surgery: Save money, pick top doctors, and time it right.
  • Modeling Career: Start small, aim high. Looks are your currency.
  • Property Goals: Save big, invest wisely, and explore lavish alternatives.

Barbie Challenge BitLife

So you've caught wind of the Barbie Challenge in BitLife, and you're intrigued. This challenge is a unique blend of fashion, lifestyle, and virtual opulence. Requirements: 

  • Stepping into the stilettos of a female character. 
  • Enhancing your looks through plastic surgeries. 
  • Strutting your stuff as a model. 
  • Ultimately, living in a mansion.

Step1: Creating a Female Character

First things first, your BitLife avatar needs to be a female with a high looks stat. If you're not born a natural beauty, don't worry. You can hit the gym, which is free until you're 18, or engage in school sports to boost those looks. 

But the real game-changer here is plastic surgery. Procedures like Botox and Brazilian Butt Lifts can significantly elevate your looks, but they come with a price tag. So, start saving early.

Step 2: Plastic Surgeries in Detail

In the BitLife Barbie Challenge, going through plastic surgery is your ticket to the top. You'll need a variety of procedures like:

  • Botox
  • Brazilian Butt Lifts 
  • Face Lifts 
  • Tummy Tucks 

But remember, quality healthcare doesn't come cheap. You're going to need a significant stash of cash. So, start saving early, perhaps from those part-time jobs you've been doing. Always opt for the best doctors; their stats are a good indicator of their competence. And don't forget, some surgeries have age restrictions, so time them well.


Step 3: Pursuing a Modeling Career

After you've graduated high school, it's time to hit the runway. Well, not immediately. You'll likely start as a Hand or Foot Model. The key to climbing the modeling ladder is your looks stat—the higher, the better. 

Consistency and hard work will eventually get you promoted. And once you start gaining fame, the real money starts rolling in. Photoshoots and interviews can earn you north of a million dollars each.

Step 4: Owning a Mansion or Similar Property

Owning a mansion in BitLife is like a dream come true, but it's also a requirement for the Barbie Challenge. You'll need millions, so start saving or investing wisely. If a mansion seems too ambitious, there are alternatives like chateaus, manors, and palaces that offer similar grandeur but might be a bit easier on your wallet. 

Leverage your social media fame for better-paying gigs and consider taking out a loan if you're confident you can pay it back.


Tips and Tricks

Now that you've got the basics, let's talk mastery. Part-time jobs are more than just a way to pass the time; they're your financial backbone for those expensive surgeries and property acquisitions. 

When it comes to healthcare, don't compromise. A botched surgery can set you back both in terms of time and money. Once you make it big in the modeling world, fame will follow. Use social media to your advantage; it's not just for selfies, it's a revenue stream. 

And lastly, don't underestimate the power of understanding the game's mechanics. For example, a simple app restart can refresh job listings and doctor options, giving you the best chances for success.



Mastering the BitLife Barbie Challenge is no small feat. It requires strategic planning from your character's birth to their luxurious lifestyle. Now, it's your turn to take the virtual world by storm.

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How do you complete BitLife next top model challenge?

For conquering BitLife's Next Top Model Challenge, you've got five tasks on your plate:

  1. Join the Mean Girls group during your high school years.
  2. Ascend to fame as a renowned runway model.
  3. Reach a fame level that exceeds 90%.
  4. Write and publish a tome about your illustrious career.
  5. Strike a pose for a nude photoshoot.

How do you get the Barbie girl achievement in BitLife?

How do you get the Barbie girl achievement in BitLife?

To snag the "Barbie Girl" ribbon, which flaunts a pink hue adorned with a doll emoji, you must be born either a female or a transgender female.

How to do the Barbie challenge BitLife?

  • Start life as a female or transgender woman character.
  • Attend school as usual but skip college.
  • Find a job that pays average or below average.
  • Undergo multiple plastic surgeries.