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Adorable Home


Create your dream home with adorable cats in the captivating Adorable Home APK simulation game! Experience a peaceful life, design furniture, and play mini-games. Available on Android and iOS.

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Information of Adorable Home

Latest version 2.5.5
Category Simulation
Compatibility Android 5.1+
Last Updated March 2, 2024
Download count 35.0 M+
Content rating
Everyone 10+
Price Free
Package name com.hyperbeard.adorablehome

About Adorable Home


Adorable Home is a mobile game developed by HyperBeard, Inc. and designed by LakeQueen, released in 2019. The game is a simulation game that lets you plan a life with an in-game partner and decorate your home with furniture and decorations. This charming simulation game lets you create your dream home with your partner and adorable cats. With its easy gameplay, stunning graphics, and diverse furniture options, Adorable Home is the perfect escape from reality. Download and install Adorable Home version now on your Android device to start designing your cozy haven filled with love and furry companions.

Choose Your Love with Adorable Home APK

Selecting Characters and Building Relationships

In Adorable Home APK, one of the most unique aspects is the freedom to choose characters and build relationships that reflect who you are. The game celebrates inclusivity by offering options for different types of couples: male & female, male & male, or female & female. No matter what your orientation may be, Adorable Home game supports and honors all individuals.

Experience a Peaceful Life and Mini-games

Creating Tranquility in Your Virtual Abode

Step into a truly peaceful and gentle life at home within Adorable Home APK. Begin each day by warmly greeting your partner before engaging in various activities around your virtual abode. Play with your adorable pets as they bring joy to every corner of the house and mini-games also. Unleash your creativity by designing a home that exudes tranquility while constantly striving to strike the perfect balance between work responsibilities and personal enjoyment.

Hearts as Currency

Earning Hearts Through Daily Tasks

Within this captivating simulation game as Adorable Home lies an innovative currency system - hearts! By completing various tasks throughout Adorable Home, such as preparing meals for your partner or showering love upon furry companions, players can earn hearts as rewards. These precious love points serve as money used to purchase furniture items for your house to enhance the aesthetics of your virtual home or even acquire new pets to further enrich your digital home.

Adorable and Diverse Pets

Nurturing a Menagerie of Furry Friends

Adorable Home game truly lives up to its name by offering an extensive selection of adorable and diverse pets. From cute cats to lovable dogs, you can curate your own menagerie within the game. Take good care of these virtual companions, playing with them, feeding them, and grooming them regularly to earn even more hearts. The more pets you have, the merrier your home becomes only in Adorable Home!

Design Your Dream Home with Funiture

Unleashing Creativity in Every Corner

Adorable Home APK empowers players to unleash their creativity with the possibility to decorate a dream home with a garden in the suburbs. Accumulate enough hearts through daily tasks and unlock a wide range of furniture options such as tv, and refrigerators that cater to various tastes and styles. From stylish couches to elegant dining tables, select pieces that align with your personal aesthetic preferences and decorate your virtual abode into a cozy home.

Building a Happy House with Your Life Friend in the Simulation Game

Striking the Perfect Balance

Maintaining a happy home requires both love and understanding. In Adorable Home game, players take on the role of busy individuals balancing household chores while nurturing their relationships with partners or multiple partners if desired! Show love for your companions by preparing delicious meals or surprising them with thoughtful gifts throughout the game. However, life isn't always smooth sailing; should circumstances change or challenges arise, you have the freedom to make difficult decisions about whether it's time for new beginnings.

Beautiful Graphics for Relaxation

Captivating Visuals That Soothe

The visuals in Adorable Home APK may be simple but possess an undeniable charm that captivates players from all walks of life. With warm color palettes complemented by gentle tones to the cool color of snow, every frame is reminiscent of scenes found in heartwarming romance novels - filling one's heart with joyous tranquility as they navigate this captivating virtual world. Enjoy these moments of bliss with the in-game photo feature and create a cherished album documenting your happy memories at home.

Adorable Home: A Haven of Love and Pets

In conclusion, Adorable Home game offers gamers an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in a home filled with love, creativity, and adorable pets. With its charming gameplay, diverse furniture options, and captivating graphics, this simulation game is sure to provide endless hours of relaxation and enjoyment at home. Don't miss out on the chance to download and play Adorable Home game today by Hyperbeard and embark on your very own journey towards creating an enchanting digital home haven!

What's updated in the Latest Version 2.5.5

Enjoy our new Floral Tea Party furniture set! We've also released a new feature, the Animal Album! See the animals that have visited you and shadows of the ones you've yet to discover.

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